I am excited to continue on this amazing journey at Landmark Christian School. From its inception more than 30 years ago, the founding fathers had the courageous vision to build a school that would raise the next generation of leaders to impact the world for Jesus Christ. And what a journey it’s been.

From the beginning of time, the Lord has been helping man sort truth from non-truth, light from dark, wisdom from foolishness; and it is our goal to equip students with the truths they will need to navigate our ever-changing and challenging world. Our school desires to partner with parents to help lay this foundation so that we equip and raise up confident young men and women who walk boldly with the Lord as they live and love like Jesus.

From an educational standpoint, I am excited by the solid academic foundation that’s been established for our students as they are challenged to think well about life and the world around them. Our faculty engage students with a curriculum that helps them become the innovators, creators, problem-solvers, and servant-minded leaders the Lord desires of them. Each child is a precious creation with interesting talents and passions, and it is our goal to help draw those out of each child — and develop them for His utmost.

As Head of School, I desire for our Landmark to be a place where students can be kids — kids who love their school, enjoy their teachers, laugh and play, design and create, and build life-long friendships.

As a parent, I desire for Landmark to be a place where students’ lives are not filled with overwhelming stress and anxiety, but where they are filled with wisdom and hope, and where they are encouraged to make healthy choices.

As an educator, I desire a school that believes the best in each child and desires for each student to succeed. And when students fall short, our school encourages them to persevere, to try again, and to learn that the Lord is always with them through the trials.

As we approach our third year in the great state of Georgia and at Landmark Christian, I am excited that my wife, Jenny, and I and our three daughters, Kaley (16), Allison (14), and Mary (4), have the opportunity to continue to grow at Landmark Christian School. We feel called to do something really special together with the community! 
The Lord is calling Landmark to continue to accomplish its core mission. The past year has been filled with God's blessings in growth and opportunity. We are pleased to continue to be ranked as one of the best private schools in Georgia and on a journey to be one of the most innovative schools in the nation. We are expanding our campus with the building of a state-of-the-art high school and we continue to add exciting programs and offerings that ignite students' interest, growth, and learning. I am part of a tremendous faculty and staff who are committed to their academics, their arts, their athletics, and their passion to truly know their students and develop students with character who know God and make Him known.

I welcome anyone to call or meet with me over coffee to talk and pray together about our children’s educational paths. We all want the very best for our children and it’s my passion to give every student the best possible experience — and vast opportunities for growth. We have one of the most unique and immersive touring opportunities with the Landmark Virtual Experience that can be taken conveniently from your own device. I invite you to explore our school through the virtual experience or attend a virtual Open House. When school is open, I also encourage you to come see us, take a tour, attend an Open House, and see what is possible at Landmark Christian School. 

I am looking forward to another amazing year!


Dr. Jason McMaster
Head of School
Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

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