What Makes Landmark Christian School Different?

An Outstanding Private School in Fairburn, GA

What Makes Landmark Christian School Different

As you embark on your search for the perfect Christian school, you're looking for a school that stands out amongst the competition. You probably have a list of must-haves as you explore your options in the Atlanta Metro Area. Landmark Christian School is ranked among the top private schools in the area by Niche.com and other school ranking experts, and we encourage you to learn more about what makes us different from the rest. Our dedicated staff and exceptional academic programs have helped us build a glowing reputation, but there's much more to our school than just that. Find out below what makes our Fairburn and Peachtree City campuses truly fantastic.

Get the Academic Support Your Child Needs

Not every child naturally excels at school. While this is a reality, that doesn't mean your student has to flounder without the resources to succeed. Our Learning Center is fully equipped to prepare your child for their current coursework and college in the future. This center has dedicated faculty who work with eligible students who are struggling with coursework. We provide academic coaching, time management help, tutorial services, and personalized success plans. Is your child eligible for this incredible program? We base eligibility on documented learning differences, so we encourage you to contact us for information on evaluations.

Streamlined College Planning and Preparation

Like many other Christian schools, we're committed to preparing your child for the next steps in life. We work with countless students, counseling them on college selection and application. Our college planning and preparation team helps your child identify schools of their interest and fit, sign up for entrance exams, and understand tuition and fees. College readiness at Landmark Christian School starts as early as eighth grade when we begin an individualized process that provides you and your student with college planning resources. With our guidance, many of our students have enrolled and succeeded at some of the United States' most prestigious universities, including the following:
  • Harvard University
  • Duke University
  • Stanford University
  • Auburn University
  • Vanderbilt University

Several Academies to Pique Your Child's Interest

Many public schools just don't have the funding to offer impeccable arts, engineering, and technology programs, much less all three at once. Landmark Christian School is proud to offer several academies focused on teaching your child specific subjects. Not every child gets excited about math or English, so we strive to offer one-of-a-kind programs that will keep your student engaged throughout their education. If your child has a particular interest, consider enrolling them in one of these academies:
  • Academy of Arts and Media Production: This academy allows creative-minded students the opportunity to learn from and network with industry professionals. Your child can choose a focus in film, dance, fashion, or theatre, or they might feel drawn to the Landmark Music Academy. There, students are paired with industry leaders in songwriting, singing, and music production. The Music Academy students have produced their own tracks, now on Spotify!
  • Academy of Engineering and Technology: If your child loves science, this is the place for them. This academy used foundational mathematics, STEM, and physics concepts and branches out into more advanced topics. Students of this academy gain problem-solving skills that will help them in any career.
  • Aviation Academy: Landmark Christian School is excited to offer one of the few aviation programs of its kind! Our aviation students have the chance to meet and learn from professionals working at the world's busiest airport and Delta Airlines. Some students graduate having already earned their pilot's license and a competitive advantage as a college applicant.
  • Leadership Academy: The Landmark Leadership Academy is recognized as one of the best institutions of its kind in the United States. We provide students with the skills to lead in any industry with exciting programming and innovative instructional design. Students may opt for a concentration in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Offering a Variety of After School Activities

If your student needs to stay after school, there's no shortage of things to do! Whatever topics most interest your child, we have an offering to accommodate them. After school, your child might want to take some private lessons on the piano, or perhaps they'd like to flex their creative muscle in the art shop. Other after school activities that your student can take advantage of include dance, string ensemble, chess, world language, and coding, among others.

Plenty of Clubs and Organizations

At Landmark Christian School, variety is the name of the game. We provide a wide range of clubs and organizations that your child may want to be a part of. Perhaps your student already has an interest, or maybe they'd like to try out several clubs to figure out their passion. We have clubs centered around the arts, music, world languages, and more, as well as numerous club sports. Your student may also want to try their hand at key club, Lego club, mock trial, esports, or student council. At our Christian school, the world is your student's oyster!

Spend Time with Us Over the Summer

Each summer, our staff and students get excited about summer camp! We offer camps for children with all interests, from kindergarten through 12th grade. There are half-day and full-day camps. Lunch and additional after camp supervision may be provided. All students have the chance to enroll in summer sports camps—act quickly, spots fill up fast! Other camp topics might include famous inventions, film history, and personal health and hygiene. Just because the school year is over doesn't have to mean your child will no longer be engaged with new material and their peers. Our Christ-centered summer camps are just another reason to send your child to a Christian school.

Serve Others Through Missions

A unique benefit of a Christian school is the chance to go on mission trips. These trips are an excellent way for your student to broaden their horizons while making a difference in the lives of others. We offer several opportunities for high schoolers that they won't want to miss. In the past, we've taken our students to Mexico to build houses and a range of other countries to provide other kinds of support. When world travel allows again, we will serve in Mexico again, as well as Kenya, Romania, Honduras, and Haiti. Students in elementary and middle school serve through missions, too. There are many opportunities with local food banks, feeding the hungry, providing comfort to the elderly, and serving others.

Grow in Your Relationship with Christ

A fulfilling spiritual life extends far beyond the classroom and chapel. To ensure that we keep Christ at the center of everything we do, we employ a Christian Life Team. This ministry is made up of God-loving individuals excited to share their experience with our staff and students. Our team is able to provide personalized attention and advice, allowing your child to learn from the daily temptations and stay on a godly path. You can never have too much support, especially throughout adolescence. Advisories are for middle and high school students where intentional weekly small group meetings allow our spiritual influencers to have a more personal relationship with each of our student. They faculty advisors support students, celebrate them, pray for them, and deepen their love for Christ and each other. Our Christian Life Team is here to guide your child and be a part of their support system.

Want to Know More About Landmark Christian School?

Now that you know more about what our Christian school has to offer, please reach out! We're always excited to speak with prospective students and their parents. Many parents come with questions, such as, "Why choose a Christian school education?" and "Why is going to Christian school important?" We can answer all these questions and more. Request more information about our Fairburn and Peachtree City, GA campuses today by contacting our friendly team.
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