The Landmark Leadership Academy (LLA) is nationally recognized for its excellence in creative programming, instructional design, and community engagement, and provides students with focused training in the skills and character needed to be leaders in any industry. Beginning with foundations in middle school and continuing with a four-year high school program LLA students gain real-world leadership experience, receive top-level mentorship, and participate in international travel and learning opportunities.  A concentration in Business and Entrepreneurship is a component of this program.

Leadership Academy Elements

  • Leadership Character Training
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Masterclass Instruction
  • Mentorship
  • Real-World Leadership Experience
  • International Learning Opportunities
Middle School Leadership Modules
Drawing from Mark Miller’s “Heart of Leadership” and Tim Elmore’s “Habitudes," middle school leadership modules equip 8th-grade students with a focus on Leadership Character, the specific character element upon which leaders are built.

High School Leadership Modules
High school students attend modules led by local business leaders focused upon specific leadership skills including time management, goal setting, and team building.

Leadership 101
Available to students who have completed one year in the module sequence, this semester course hones students' leadership skills in a small group setting through focused reading, project-based activities, and case studies.

Leadership Practicum
Available to students who have completed Leadership 1, this entrepreneurship based semester course provides students the opportunity to design and lead their own service or business project.

International Experience
Students completing one year of the module sequence engage in life-changing learning opportunities through international travel that allows them to walk in the footsteps of history’s great leaders.
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