Non-Standardized Education
At Landmark Christian, we prepare students for life beyond the test. It is a challenging and engaging education designed to provoke thoughtful learning.

Voices that Matter
In the humanities courses, students participate in Socratic-style seminars, instead of passively listening to teachers' lectures. It's an engaging and encouraging reminder that their voices are heard and their ideas are valued. It's also an exceptional preparation for the challenging discussions that lie ahead in college.

World Languages
World language education begins in K4 and continues through each year of elementary, middle, and high school. French, Spanish, and Mandarin are offered at Landmark along with enrichments outside the classroom, including field trips and cultural activities and celebrations. 

Online Academy
In addition to AP and Honors courses, Landmark offers an Online Academy to further expand course offerings and cater to the individual interests of each student.

Landmark Christian offers concentrations in subjects and interests through the Landmark Academy Program. The Academies help launch careers and include Aviation, Music, Dance, Film and Animation, Engineering and Technology, Business and Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Fashion and Design. 

High School Curriculum

Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

Landmark Christian School

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