Academic Support

The Learning Center provides personalized support for students diagnosed as having a learning difference that adversely impacts academic performance.  The program helps each student embrace individual talents and abilities, in an effort to achieve academic success within the classroom.
Eligible students will receive the following:
  • Academic Coaching: Supporting and guiding students in academic endeavors
  • Time Management: Training and support in best practices to stay on-track and on-time with assignments
  • Communication: Sharing plans and progress with parents
  • Personalized Plans: Creating a plan for success that matches a student's learning style and needs
  • Dedicated Staff: Teaching staff experienced in learning differences and best instructional practices
Program eligibility is based primarily on a learning difference documented on a current psycho-educational evaluation. Learning Center program fees are not included in tuition.

Contact Info

Sandra Brady
Director, High School Learning Center

Nicole Daniel
Director, Middle School Learning Center
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