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Landmark students perform well because they are prepared well. Nothing empowers like confidence. Landmark Christian School provides personalized learning in an environment that assures that all students have the opportunity to achieve their highest academic potential. With exciting programs and resources to spark critical thinking and creativity, we are able to engage our students further and prepare them to become confident 21st-century leaders. 

The Learning Center at Landmark provides additional resources beyond the classroom for students who need or want additional personalized support or tutoring. The program helps each student embrace individual talents and abilities, in an effort to achieve academic success within the classroom. 

For eligible* students diagnosed with a learning difference that adversely impacts academic performance, the Learning Center provides the following:

Academic Coaching
Academic Coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning. Together with experienced professionals, students examine their learning styles, habits of working, and difficulties to success. The Learning Center works to create and implement effective strategies to help students succeed. 

Time Management
The Learning Center provides training and support in time management to evaluate students’ habits and patterns, create schedules, build healthy habits, accomplish tasks, and live a balanced life.

The Learning Center will encourage two-way communications with the parents, sharing relevant information to better equip each in helping the student achieve academic goals.

Personalized Plans
The Learning Center recognizes each child is unique and creates individualized plans for success, matching the students learning style and needs.

Dedicated Staff
The Learning Center faculty are experienced professionals in learning differences and utilize best practices in all areas. Eagle’s Nest Elementary students receive learning center support in the Eagle’s Nest, a dedicated space designed to meet their needs in a developmentally-appropriate environment.

*Program eligibility is based primarily on a learning difference that is documented on a current psycho-educational evaluation. Please contact us to determine eligibility for your child or for more information. 

The professional staff of experts at the Learning Center provide tutorial services for all students, preparing them for success. Tutoring for class quizzes and tests, feedback on essays, preparing for the ACT/SAT, personalized support, and more are offered.

To learn more about tutorial services and options, contact Nicole Daniel, Director of Tutorial Services at Landmark Christian School.

Learning Center fees are not included in school tuition. 


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