Message from the Principal

Landmark’s Middle School program offers a robust academic experience, full of incredible enrichment opportunities including fine arts, athletics, STEM, graphic design, fashion design, dance, and film, among many more. Each of these offerings entail rich opportunities for collaboration and experiential learning, as well as allowing students the opportunity to discover and refine their passions, gifts, and talents. Students are stretched to think critically, read reflectively, and write well. They leave middle school well prepared for the journey ahead. 

Beyond academics, middle school is a time of incredible opportunity in the lives of students and critical period of adolescent development. During these three years, students begin to develop a keen sense of independent identity, laying down key markers for what they believe, what they value, and how they relate to others. During this period, environment matters, particularly in connection to the adults and mentors surrounding your child. This is truly the LCS difference! As a parent, I know that the teachers and coaches speaking into the lives of my kids do so from a Christ-centered perspective. They share and support the values rooted in scripture, and they support me as a parent.

As a team, it is our privilege to partner with you on during the middle school journey. Our goal is to help students navigate these years well, growing in character, integrity, and in their understanding of their identity in Christ. 

Welcome to Landmark Christian School – we’re glad you’re here!

Dr. Daniel Wesche
Middle School Principal

Daily Schedule

Hours | 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

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