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Answers to Your Questions About Virtual Learning

Online Learning FAQs from Landmark Christian School in Peachtree City and Fairburn, GA
With virtual learning becoming more popular and essential as we have experienced during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s natural to have questions. Landmark Christian School is pleased to answer your questions about online learning. We know that our students are used to attending our in-person classes at our campuses in Fairburn, GA, and Peachtree City, GA, and becoming acclimated to virtual learning can be challenging at first, so our goal is that every student and parent is able to adapt quickly and successfully, considering the circumstances. We’re working for and alongside of you, and we know online learning might be a bit of a bumpy ride at times. We’ve prepared some answers to common questions we’ve received to help better understand the best online learning practices and how to excel with virtual learning. Please contact us at any time if you’re having trouble with online learning, or need assistance. 770.306.0646.

How Can I Help My Child Concentrate While Learning From Home?
Some students may struggle with online learning at first and concentration on the tasks at hand may be difficult. It’s natural for kids to have short attention spans, especially in this digital age. While they’re at school, the environment we create makes it easier to concentrate on learning. Though every student is different, we are providing a few general tips on how to help your child concentrate during a virtual learning session. While your child might not be asking, “How do I stay focused?”, it is a question you may ask on their behalf. The first tip is to start the day right with a healthy breakfast. If kids are hungry, they quickly become distracted. Nutrients will help keep them focused on the task at hand. Another way to help your students concentrate is to set up a dedicated workspace area. This area should be free of distractions like TV. Third, your kids should follow a daily schedule that includes breaks away from screens. Encourage them to be outside and connect with friends. During the time at home don’t be afraid to be a ‘helicopter parent’ as you should be aware of how well they are staying focused. For more tips see Landmark Christian School Associate Head of School, Amy Harriton’s blog, 12 Distance Learning Tips for Middle Schoolers, Teens, and Pre-Teens.

What is the Best Environment to Learn from Home?
When creating the best environment from which to learn, think of what works for you if you’ve been working remotely at home. If that doesn’t apply, consider the best practices for online learning. The first step in developing a positive environment for at-home learning is to designate a dedicated space. Since your student needs a computer for online learning, a small desk is recommended. It’s important to set up this space in an area free of distractions. That means they should not have a television on or have access to a smartphone. The area should have ample natural lighting and be noise and distraction-free. Try to avoid setting up their school space in their bedroom, if possible. The best areas may include the living room or dining room based on available space.
What Are My Responsibilities as a Parent?
For grades 1-8, parents are not teachers, but they do act as learning coaches. That means you’ll work in conjunction with your child’s teacher to facilitate progress through daily lessons and modify the pace and schedule based on your child’s needs. We know you have a lot on your plate during this time, and we thank you sincerely for helping your child achieve their educational goals. Our teachers will remain constantly involved, and online learning is a combined effort between the students, teachers, and parents. For online high school, parents become like mentors. They still play an essential supportive role but are less hands-on. High school students are expected to manage their own time and academic schedule, with some assistance as needed.

Who Do I Contact for Technical Issues?
We encourage you to visit our COVID-19 awareness and information page, which includes more frequently asked questions. Contact Landmark Christian School and Mark Hossler directly if you need any technical assistance or contact Amy Harriton if you have additional questions about online learning.

Has the reopening of in-person learning been successful? 
The safety of our students and staff is a top priority. We began the 20-21 school year with a rolling start on August 11 and continue to closely monitor the pandemic updates from global, world, and local health organizations, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), as well as regional, state, and national advisors. Thus far, our cases of COVID have been low and we have been able to reduce the risk of spread. We will continue to implement safety and wellness protocols for the wellbeing of all and make adjustments for the betterment. 

Are There Alternative Options for Those Who Don’t Want to Attend In Person?
For those who do not wish to return to campus, a distance learning plan can be personalized to your family or a hybrid plan. Please contact Amy Harriton for more information |

Why Choose Landmark Christian School?
In this unprecedented time, deciding where to enroll your school-aged children can be quite a challenge. For example, if you have a child about to start elementary school, what should you do? Should you enroll them in a school with in-person or online classes or a hybrid? Landmark Christian School has a team dedicated to adapting to this fluid situation. Whether your children are taking classes at our campus in Fairburn, GA, or Peachtree City, GA, or are attending virtually, or a combination of both, we’re well equipped to provide them with the solid educational foundation they need while at the same time preparing them to impact the world for Jesus Christ. With intentionally small class sizes we provide a personalized education for every student in elementary school, middle school, and high school and help students determine their passions and develop their talents. In addition to helping your students be well prepared for college and the real world, we also provide a well-rounded education from a Biblical worldview with abundant opportunities in athletics, arts, and spiritual life. We encourage you to contact us today with any questions you may have or to enquire about enrolling your children at Landmark Christian School.
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