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  • Why Is Attending a Christian School Important?

    Parents from all over the world feel called to send their child to a reputable Christian school. However, many of these parents are met with questions from their friends and family. You'll likely get the question, "Why do you want to send your child to a Christian school?" While you might feel confident in your decision, you may struggle to explain your reasoning. At Landmark Christian School, we're here to explain why sending your child to a Christian school is an excellent choice to promote their overall development. If you're on the fence deciding whether to choose a Christian school, we also want you to understand the numerous advantages of an education such as ours. Moreover, our friendly administrative staff in Fairburn and Peachtree City, GA is always happy to talk to you and discuss your needs and educational goals for your child. Below, you'll find a plethora of reasons why so many have opted to enroll their child in a Christian school rather than a public institution.
  • Know Your Christian Values Are Shared

    At a public school, you can never be sure whether your child is being exposed to the appropriate values. What you teach at home may not be emphasized at school. However, when you choose a Christian school over a public school, you are assured the staff holds the same core values as you and your family. Worries of negative peer pressure and bad influences can fall by the wayside. At a Christian school, students learn to build authentic friendships and relationships based in Christ. Exposure to Christian values at home and at school helps children grow into stable adults committed to serving others and following Christ.
  • A Christian School Education Includes the Bible

    At a Christian school, the Bible is the foundational text. Not only will your child become familiar with the content of the Bible, but they'll also use those lessons and apply them to everything else they learn. Instructors help children identify the values laid out within the text and then show how they can be used to better understand the world around them. It is a biblical worldview. Most public schools don't allow the teaching of the Bible, a Christian school is a safe and open place your children are being exposed to the Word of God.
  • A Faith-Aligned Curriculum

    God's Word is evident in every subject, not just when studying the Bible. Christian schools teach a curriculum that aligns all subjects with the Bible. For example, sociology classes might discuss social justice issues and that Christians are called to help those in need. Environmental science classes might talk about our obligation to protect God's creatures from extinction. English classes might ask students to examine passages of the Bible and write their thoughts. Even the performing arts and technical courses take a Christ-centered approach to education. Whatever subject, that course is faith-based with the Bible at the root. What does man say? What does the Bible say?
  • Building a Spiritual Foundation for Life

    Without a solid spiritual foundation, children may move away from the Word of God as they get older. However, you can help keep your child on the right path with Christian school education. Every detail of a Christian school is rooted in spiritual and Biblical truth. Not only do students grow into Christian values, but they also learn strategies to address problems from a Christ-centered Biblical worldview. This skill allows them to keep faith during difficult times, during times away from the ‘bubble’, as they attend secular colleges, and even as they help others accept Christ and see the world from a Christian perspective.
  • Keeping Prayer in the Classroom

    Christian school students are encouraged to pray in the classroom, on the fields, everywhere. They learn the importance of prayer and crafting a personal relationship with God. As students' relationship with God grows, so does their connection to their peers and teachers. Through prayer, we praise our God, we follow His will as the Bible tells us to pray unceasingly, we uplift each other through difficult times and celebrate our blessings during the good times. Prayer is a basis at a Christian school, along with a sense of community and spirituality.
  • Teachers are Excellent Role Models

    The exceptional teaching staff is another reason why parents choose a Christian school. Every teacher at Landmark Christian School models Christian values in everything they do. We show our Christian principles inside and outside the classroom. Children quickly see their godly teachers as role models, and the importance of employing teachers whose values can positively influence our students, teachers who invest in the eternal lives of our students,  is a top priority.
  • Fostering a Safe, Nurturing Environment

    Bullying is a reality for children, no matter where they go to school. However, Christian schools such as Landmark Christian School don't tolerate the mistreatment of any student. Public school staff may often be spread too thin to help every child who has been a victim at some level and students may be afraid to report the bullying because of their own fears. The lower student-teacher ratios at private schools allow teachers to truly know each child and when something is amiss, allow for better monitoring, allow quick action, allow for consequences such as expulsion, and the community we foster demands treating others according to the Golden Rule.
  • Be a Part of a Supportive Community

    Attending a Christian school benefits students and their families in the form of community. Schools such as Landmark Christian School are a community in themselves, they are like a family providing emotional and spiritual support. In classrooms, students build relationships with peers that will last a lifetime, as well as find mentors in their teachers. Parents are a critical part of the community, too. They are an integral part of school life through extensive volunteerism in many aspects of the school; the classroom, in athletics, fundraising, faculty and staff support, admissions, marketing, and more. Christian schools tend to communicate with parents much more often than public schools, keeping parents informed and creating an atmosphere of understanding and trust. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators make up a strong network, providing encouragement and support whenever needed. They say it takes a village to raise a child—allow Landmark Christian School to be that village!
  • Get in Touch with Us for More Information

    As you can see, there are numerous reasons why Christian schools are important to the development of young people. Every day, students benefit from dedicated, highly qualified, godly teachers who are excited to impart the values and morals preached in the Bible. Moreover, you'll have peace of mind that your child is learning the appropriate things for them to succeed in the world and become an active member of society, impacting the world for Jesus Christ. Rather than merely studying objective facts, we look at all subjects through a Christ-centered lens. If such an environment sounds perfect for your student, consider enrolling in Landmark Christian School. We accept elementary, middle, and high school students from a range of backgrounds who are excited to continue their journey in Christ. We offer a plethora of programs, opportunities, and academies where your child can hone their specific interests, as well as study fundamentals such as math, English, and science. Landmark Christian School will help your child reach their college admission goals. Want more details on our Fairburn and Peachtree City, GA campuses? Contact us today to learn more.

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