Location and Opportunity

Ranked as one of the best schools in the state, located just south of Atlanta, in the heart of the southeastern United States, Landmark Christian School is among Fortune 500 corporate headquarters such as CNN, Coca-Cola, Porsche, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, Delta Air Lines, and others. Landmark provides unique opportunities for students to learn from and intern with the best corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. 

Student Experience

Landmark provides a rich, rewarding, and relevant college-prep education with challenging and engaging academics that prepare students for success at the best colleges, and for life. With innovative programs and resources, collaborative classrooms filled with state-of-the-art technology designed to spark critical thinking and creativity, travel opportunities to Atlanta, nationally, and internationally, and pathways to corporate America, students are prepared to become capable, confident 21st-century leaders. Landmark values each student and offers personalized learning assuring that each determines their passions and develops their talents, all within a student-focused family environment.

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Innovative Programs 

Very few schools in the nation offer the depth and breadth of education at Landmark Christian School. Students are inspired every day, immersed in hands-on learning that stimulates imagination and invention. Among a wide selection of Advanced Placement and Honors courses and offerings, Landmark provides an innovative and attractive Academy Program including the: Aviation Academy, Academy of Engineering and Technology, Academy of Arts and Media Production, and the nationally recognized Leadership Academy. 

Academy of Arts and Media Production

The Landmark Academy of Arts of Media Production Academy (LAMP) is a unique platform for students passionate about arts and media-related fields. Landmark partners with industry leaders to provide real-world industry experience supported by a robust professional network. The Academy attracts music, media, and fine arts talent to Landmark developing young emerging leaders for a dynamic future. Georgia is one of the world's top destinations for film production and Landmark is just miles from studios where Marvel Studios and other internationally known film and TV productions are filmed. Atlanta has been called “hip-hop’s center of gravity” as one of the hottest areas of the country for hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul music. Songwriters, vocalists, musicians, producers, and more, the Landmark Music Academy pairs students with proven faculty and industry leaders. Dance, Theatre Performance and Production, Music, Visual Arts and Photography, Film Production, Artist Management, and Fashion are components of the LAMP.

Academy of Engineering and Technology

The Landmark Academy of Engineering and Technology (LAET) is primed as one of America’s premier educational experiences for students passionate in STEM-related fields. The LAET builds upon mathematics and physics sequence and uses research-based practices around design thinking and problem-based learning to equip students to engineer solutions to real-world problems, preparing them for advanced engineering study.

Only a handful of schools in the nation compare to the Landmark Aviation Academy. With a short drive to the world’s busiest airport and Delta Airlines headquarters, experts from the industry pour into the aviation curriculum. Students are receiving courses and experiences with flight training equipment like no other, preparing them for a career in the airline industry, some graduating with their pilot’s license. 

The Landmark Leadership Academy (LLA) is nationally recognized for its excellence in creative programming, instructional design, and community engagement, and provides students with focused training in the skills and character needed to be leaders in any industry. LLA students gain real-world leadership experience, receive top-level mentorship, and participate in international learning opportunities and travel. A concentration in Business and Entrepreneurship is a component of this program.

Fashion Academy
The Fashion program at Landmark Christian offers a foundation for further education and career paths in the fashion industry. The goal of this program is to provide students with basic industry knowledge to effectively pursue talent and artistic expression through fashion. Key elements of the program include:
  • Leadership Character Training
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Masterclass Instruction
  • Mentorship
  • Real-World Leadership Experience
  • International Learning Opportunities
Scholars Program
In the Landmark Scholars Program, seniors take a year-long independent study coached by teachers and fueled by research, analytical thinking, and organizational skills. 

International Student Program Success at Landmark 
A thriving international student program is an important component to Landmark, adds diversity and a global perspective, and furthers our mission of partnering with families to equip every child to be prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ. 

Foundations for Success of the International Student Program
  • Dedicated Staff and Communicators
  • Immersion in the Culture 
  • Academic Support

It’s a Small World
International students are exposed to western culture and share their own culture with Landmark students creating an understanding of differences, recognition of similarities, and building a smaller world. Through many opportunities in the arts and athletics programs, students receive a well-rounded high school experience. Numerous clubs and activities and a small welcoming student body allow students to integrate well and socialize with their American peers, a true immersion in American culture. Sporting events, school plays, class trips, competitions, club participation, serve days, mission trips, collaborations, travel, and day-to-day interaction quickly build camaraderie among our students. 

Landmark provides a robust, challenging, and engaging curriculum with SAT | ACT scores greater than local, state, and national averages. 41 Advanced Placement and Honors courses, and ten dual enrollment courses are offered that may allow students to enter college with credit hours of a sophomore. Landmark has a 100% college matriculation rate. 

Academy of Arts and Media Production, Academy of Engineering and Technology, Aviation Academy, and Leadership Academy. Concentrations include: Aviation, Engineering, Leadership, Dance, Theatre Performance and Production, Music, Visual Arts and Photography, Film Production, Artist Management, Fashion and Design, and  Business and Entrepreneurship

The average college scholarship awarded to a single graduate of the Class of 2019 was $173,000. Graduates received college acceptances from highly competitive colleges such as Emory, Georgia Tech, Mercer, Vanderbilt, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Davidson, Stanford, Northwestern, John’s Hopkins, Emory, Yale, and more across the United States. Landmark has an excellent reputation among college admissions offices regarding the strength of academics, student readiness, and student value to the university. 

ISP students explore Atlanta and other cities across the nation. A signature trip to Disney World is taken and International trips are available each year. 

Landmark offers girls and boys varsity sports and has won 42 state championships since its founding in 1989. 

Landmark provides a myriad of offerings in the visual and performing arts, which allow students to receive recognition on the local, national, and international levels. 

Intentionally Small Class Sizes
Averaging 18 students | 7:1 student to teacher ratio

More than 1035 students | 52% ethnically diverse student body | 1:1 female to male ratio

Well-equipped, 83 Acre Campus, just south of Atlanta, with a new state-of-the-art high school opened in August 2021.

Community service opportunities are provided and five international mission trips are offered each year.

  • Two-week Homestay and School Immersion Experience
  • Six-month Homestay and School Enrollment Immersion Experience 
  • Year-long Homestay and School Enrollment Immersion Experience 
  • Four-year International Student Program


Landmark Christian School partners with Cambridge Network to provide quality, loving, nurturing homes for students. To learn more, click here.

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