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Spark Creativity at Landmark Christian School's Film Academy

Does your child fancy themselves as a Hollywood producer? Perhaps he or she has always dreamed of acting in a movie or writing the script. Whatever your child's interest in the motion picture industry is, Landmark Christian School's Film Academy is happy to welcome him or her. Our private school has long built an excellent reputation for academics and individual academies where students can cultivate their God-given skills and aptitudes. We’re located just outside of Atlanta, with campuses in Fairburn and Peachtree City, GA, perfect places to foster a love of the film industry. If you're considering sending your child to an exceptional film school, look no further. Learn more about our outstanding program.

Get to Know Film Instructor Billy Dickson, ASC

Landmark Christian School is excited to have Billy Dickson as a part of our faculty. He comes with a long list of qualifications in the film industry. He's a member of several professional organizations, including The Directors Guild of America and The American Society of Cinematographers. Mr. Dickson has been an active part of the motion picture industry since 1976. In that time, he has worked on numerous high-profile projects, earning him an excellent reputation. Some of his projects include "One Tree Hill," "Ally McBeal," and an array of branded commercials for various companies. He's worked with giants in the entertainment industry, including Sting, Fall Out Boy, and Elton John. Now, Mr. Dickson is excited to dedicate himself to helping students learn film basics and more advanced principles.

Enroll in Our Numerous Film Classes

At the Landmark Christian School Film Academy, high school students can take several film classes that examine everything from the basics of creating a concept to seeing their vision through the production process. We focus on visual storytelling, analyzing thought processes every step of the way. What's more, we have access to state-of-the-art film equipment, so students have the opportunity to learn with industry-standard tools and resources. Our film studies are designed for middle school students as well. We begin with the foundations of film history, editing, and storytelling to prepare them for more advanced high school courses. Be sure to reach out to our administration or instructors for further details on these film classes.

Proximity to a National Film Hub

What makes Landmark Christian School unique as a Film Academy? Besides our top-notch instructors and advanced equipment, we also occupy a prime location for film production. Our campuses in Fairburn and Peachtree City are just a short drive from the metropolis of Atlanta, and today, Atlanta is among the top five spots in the world for film production. Pinewood Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, and Metro Studios are among the best and within a few miles of our campuses. Georgia features comprehensive incentive programs that attract many filmmakers to bring their projects to life here. Numerous television shows and even some Marvel movies have been set in our city. This means we have increased access to professional-grade equipment, and we have no shortage of film professionals to invite for talks with students.

Reach Out for More Details

Whether your student wants to produce movies or be a film scholar, the Landmark Christian School Film Academy was made for him or her. Our instructors are of the highest caliber and can provide real-world expertise in the industry. Not only will students glean knowledge from full-time teachers, but they'll also have the chance to hear from film professionals working in the Atlanta industry today. We offer children an unparalleled film education with which schools in other locations with different instructors can't compete. Beyond an education in film, each of our students also receives well-rounded instruction in the fundamentals of math, English, science, and social studies. Want to learn more about our premier private school Film Academy? Contact our team in Fairburn or Peachtree City for further details.
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