Online Academy

The Online Academy at Landmark Christian School offers a flexible path for non-traditional students to engage in a robust educational experience. Through affiliations with leading universities and online learning consortia, and through rigorously researched best practices to support online learning, Landmark is able to offer a next-generation learning experience and expand AP and other course offerings.

Course Offerings

List of 8 items.

  • Business (4)

    Personal Finance - Semester
    Essentials of Business - Semester
    International Business - Semester
    Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Semester
  • Computer Science (8)

    Computer Applications 1 - Semester
    Computer Applications 2 - Semester
    Computer Literacy - Semester
    Introduction to Computer Language - Semester
    Introduction to Java - Semester
    Programming Logic and Design - Semester
    Web Design - Semester
    AP Computer Science
  • Electives (7)

    High School Guitar
    Music Appreciation - Semester
    Public Speaking - Semester
    Digital Photography - Semester
    Early Childhood Education - Semester
    Fashion and Interior Design - Semester
    Health - Semester
  • English Language Arts (17)

    English 1
    English 2
    English 3
    English 4
    Grammar and Composition
    Grammar and Composition Honors
    Analytical Reading
    Analytical Reading Honors
    Rhetoric and Style
    Rhetoric and Style Honors
    AP English Language
    AP English Literature
    Argumentation and American Ideology
    Argumentation and American Ideology Honors
    Author Seminar in African America Literature - Semester
    Creative Writing - Semester
    Author Seminar - CS Lewis
  • History and Social Science (14)

    World History
    US History
    US Government - Semester
    Economics - Semester
    America’s Colonial Foundations - Semester
    Civil War and Reconstruction - Semester
    History of the Constitution - Semester
    Psychology - Semester
    Art History
    AP US Government and Politics
    AP US History
    AP World History
    AP Macroeconomics
    AP Psychology
  • Languages (18)

    Sign Language 1
    Sign Language 2
    Sign Language 3
    French 1
    French 2
    French 3
    AP French
    Latin 1
    Latin 2
    Latin 3
    Chinese 1
    Chinese 2
    Chinese 3
    Chinese 4
    Spanish 1
    Spanish 2
    Spanish 3
    Spanish 4
  • Math (8)

    Algebra 1
    Algebra 2
    Algebra 2 Honors
    AP Calculus
    AP Statistics
  • Sciences (12)

    Earth Science
    Chemistry Honors
    Marine Biology
    Anatomy and Physiology
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Physics
    Forensic Science 1 - Semester

Personalized Learning
Choose from a wide range of courses to explore particular interests, allow time for additional electives or extra-curricular pursuits, recover credits, or simply move at a different pace.

Learning Support
Receive personalized support through expert tutoring services provided online or in-person through the Landmark Learning Center.

Academic advisors know their students, know their goals, and know how to help them achieve their goals. Academic advisors advocate with our affiliate partners and guide students through the college admissions process.

Experience being part of the Landmark family, with athletics, arts, and community events.

Learning Hub
Enjoy a coffee and snack while working with friends or on your laptop creating create something amazing in an environment that redefines school.

List of 2 items.

  • Full-time online Landmark students

    • Students pay standard tuition, which includes up to 7 online courses per semester.
    • Students are eligible for GHSA competition but are not included in class rankings and awards.
  • Part-time online Landmark students

    • Students pay per course, in addition to standard tuition.
    • Courses are included in calculating GPA for class ranking, and awards.
    • Students are eligible for GHSA competition, provided all other eligibility criteria are met.

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