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Choosing among private schools is certainly a challenge. You have lots of options to weigh and plenty of details to take into account. At Landmark Christian School, we know you want the best for your child. That’s why we’ve created a strong, Christian school environment for your child to flourish. We’re proud of our exceptional academics and high graduation rates. In fact, 100% of our graduates go on to attend college. Our team of administrators and teachers are dedicated to preparing your child to lead a successful life after they leave our campus. That said, we understand you still have lots of questions about our Fairburn, GA and Peachtree City, GA private school. Allow us to answer some of our most frequently asked private school questions. 

What Is a Private School?

Private schools are educational institutions that do not receive any funding from the federal, state, or local government. While private schools are asked to adhere to certain guidelines, many policies are left to the individual school to decide. Some private schools, such as Landmark Christian School, are faith-based and can be covenantal or missional. Some private schools may waive testing requirements or instate a rigorous admissions process. In contrast to public schools, your private school options aren’t limited to a specific school district. You may choose to apply to any private school, regardless of the location of your residence.  

What Is Attending Private School Like?

Attending a private Christian school is an exciting experience for students. Not only do they have a higher chance of academic success, but they can also engage in campus life with their peers and mentors. At Landmark Christian School, students of all ages make friends for life while remaining focused on studying and preparing for the next stage of schooling. Spiritual life is also an integral part of the Christian private school experience. We provide curriculum and intentional focus for students to devote their time to Bible classes, retreats, and even English classes focusing on the intersection of literature and virtue. 

How Much Does Private School Cost?

Private school does come with a higher cost than traditional public school. However, the investment is well worth it. Our administration believes in transparency regarding tuition rates, and we keep an updated tuition chart listing the costs. Each grade level has a different tuition rate, and these rates are all-inclusive. Your tuition payments also account for student fees, field trips, classroom supplies, and textbooks. For the year 2021-2022, there will be no tuition increase.

Do Private Schools Provide Grants or Scholarships?

Most private schools do not receive government grants or scholarships. If you anticipate trouble paying for your child’s education, please reach out to our Financial Aid Office for information on financial aid . 

How Can I Donate to Landmark Christian School? 

As a private school, we rely on the kindness of numerous donors throughout Georgia and the United States as a whole. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to our cause, we encourage you to reach out to our Director of Advancement. Donors will be able to direct their funds to their particular areas of interest, such as technology, new academic programs, and renovated facilities, or designate their dollars to be used at the school’s discretion.

What Are Your Values?

A concise mission and strong core values are instrumental in any private education. At Landmark Christian School, we’re dedicated to upholding our mission to equip college-bound students to grow in their relationship with God and embrace a Christ-centered worldview. Beyond that, we also strive to instill a desire for excellence in each student, as well as encourage them to serve others in their everyday activities. We’re committed to creating a community of love and grace to help students embrace their own worth. 

What Is Your Curriculum Like?

Landmark Christian School provides exceptional academic programs for children of all ages. Your elementarymiddle school, or high school student will find a non-standardized education focused on preparing for the future. Our curriculum includes foundational classes in math, English, and science for younger students, and more specialized courses for older children. Beyond the fundamentals, we also offer courses in the arts, history, physical education, world languages, and more. We also operate several academies where your child can take a more in-depth look at their area of interest. 

Do You Offer Extra-Curriculars? 

We offer plenty of programs dedicated to the fine arts and athletics for children looking for an extra-curricular to invest their time. Our fine arts program focuses on helping students develop spiritually through music, theatre, or visual arts. Similarly, our competitive athletics programs are designed to guide students with stronger peer relationships and godly mentoring. Here’s a brief overview of some of the many programs your child may opt to participate: 
  • Choir: Students are invited to participate in campus choirs. During their time in choir, they’ll learn the fundamentals of music theory, music history, and appreciation, as well as grow closer to God. 
  • Theatre: Our theatre program presents students will numerous opportunities to act on stage with their peers. We put on an annual musical and provide the opportunity for students to work as technical directors and stage managers. 
  • Visual Arts: If your student loves graphic design, painting, photography, or another type of visual art, this is the program for them! Students are introduced to a wide variety of art styles and are encouraged to take advanced art classes throughout the school year. 
  • Cheerleading: Your child can show their school spirit on the Landmark Christian School cheerleading team! 
  • Football: Your son will enjoy the thrill of football while forging new friendships along the way. 
  • Swimming: We offer swimming programs for both boys and girls where they can hone their skills and compete against other teams. 
  • Basketball: Basketball is one of our most popular winter sports for both boys and girls. 
  • Soccer: During the summer, we’re excited to have competitive soccer teams for boys and girls. 

How Can I Apply for My Child’s Admission? 

Applying for admission to our campuses in Peachtree City and Fairburn is a four-step process. Admission typically begins in October of the previous school year. Our staff is happy to help you and your child throughout the application process. You can expect the following phases of admission: 
  • Complete the Online Application: For admissions at all levels, you’ll first need to complete the online application. To submit your document, you’ll also need to pay your application fee of $200. 
  • Submit Forms: Upon sending in your online application, we’ll make sure you have a checklist of required forms. You’ll need to submit these forms to the Admission Office before moving on to the next step.
  • Interview and Testing: Next, we’ll set up an interview with parents and the prospective student. During this phase, your child will also undergo student testing. 
  • Notification: We begin notifying students of their acceptance around March. Keep in mind, you’ll need to have all the proper forms finished by the mid-February deadline to receive a first-round notification.  

Why Choose Private School Over Public School? 

There are numerous advantages to sending your child to a private Christian school rather than a public institution. First, private schools tend to hold higher academic standards than most public schools. Many students come through their private education much more prepared for college-level coursework and tend to thrive in a rigorous environment. Further, student-teacher ratios tend to be lower for private schools. At Landmark Christian School, we intentionally keep class sizes small so teachers can give each student the attention they need. Perhaps the best reason to send your child to a private school is the sense of community and emphasis on value formation. Our teachers and staff members strive to model sound Christian values and help your child become a mature, stable adult. 

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Do you have another question not answered in our FAQ? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Landmark Christian School. Our campuses in Fairburn and Peachtree City, GA are excited to see your child’s application! 
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