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  • Andrew Cathy Named Next CEO of Chick-fil-A

    As we head into Homecoming and welcome our alumni home, please help us congratulate, Andrew Cathy, Landmark Christian School, Class of 1997.

    Andrew Cathy Named Next CEO of Chick-fil-A

    Chick-fil-A announced that Andrew Cathy, Landmark Christian Class of 1997, will begin as CEO on November 1. He is the third generation of Cathys to become Chief Executive Officer, taking the reins from his father Dan Cathy, who has served in this position since 2013.
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  • Congratulations to Josh Truong

    Congratulations to Josh Truong, a Landmark Senior who won the City of Fairburn 12th Grade Essay Contest with his essay entitled "The Impact of the Pandemic: What it Means to Me".
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  • Students Volunteer at Dragon Boat Festival

    More than 150 attendees visited the Landmark booth at the Dragon Boat Festival in Peachtree City. These guests learned about Landmark, our Mandarin program, and acquired Chinese names. Landmark Mandarin student-volunteers wrote Chinese names for them. 
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  • Home Building

    Looking to try something new, Skarlett Stanfield, a 7th-grade student at Landmark Christian, enrolled in 3D Printing & Coding as one of her semester electives this school year. 7th-grade students have the option to take up to two elective courses each semester, and then continue that study or switch to a third and or fourth elective the second semester. Having never done any 3D printing or design, when Skarlett told her dad she was working on a home for her hamster, Holly, he expected a fairly rudimentary building. When she brought back her designed tower, onramp, and hideout for Holly, her parents weren’t the only ones excited about the surprise!
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  • Learning 4Life

    This month, elementary students on the Fairburn and Peachtree City campuses embark on outdoor learning adventures, led by our SOAR program coordinator, Mrs. Ann Marie Brezina. These mini-lessons are a newly incorporated special into the grade levels called the “4Life Nature School.” 

    In the first lesson, students learned about seeds, insects, and pollinators--God’s connected creation!
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  • Return on Investment of Private School Education

    Could investing in a private school yield a better financial return for parents in the future? That depends on which private school you choose.

    In weighing the potential pros and cons of private education, typically, one of the biggest "cons" parents ask themselves is: Can we justify the cost of private school tuition when public school is free, and there are several quality public school options from which to choose. With the rising price of college, it seems prudent to take advantage of what is free now to save money for later.
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  • On the Wings of War Eagles

    31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40

    These words in the book of the Prophet Isaiah have been a part of the Landmark history from the start. They were the inspiration for the mission of a school that would prepare every child to impact the world through Jesus Christ. The families that started our school believed in the form of their mission. They trusted God with the details of the particulars of the mission before they knew the form it would take. They trusted the Lord and took a step of faith.

    “The past is beautiful because one never realizes an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don't have complete emotions about the present, only about the past." Virginia Wolf
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  • The Target Graduate

    Our Mission
    We exist to . . . 

    Partner with Christian families by equipping college-bound students to embrace a Christ-centered worldview, grow as servant leaders and steward God’s unique purpose for their lives.  
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  • Finished High School

    The Rosenwald Foundation of the Restored High School at Landmark

    The foundational structure of the newly restored high school at Landmark Christian School represents an innovative partnership that forever changed the landscape of education in America.
    Landmark Christian School is both honored and humbled to share the origin story of our fully restored new high school. What we decide to sanctify in our collective school memory - and how we do so - has material consequences.
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  • LCS Students

    5 Stepping Stone Courses of a Language-Centered Curriculum for a High School English Program

    Over the years there have been many rises and falls in the trends of English language arts education as debates and research form best practices in how to teach reading, writing, and speaking with confidence and clarity. What we can learn from these periods is the importance of guided close reading of complex texts, the importance of understanding the relationship and nuance of the meaning of words, and the importance of quick and applied feedback on student writing. In 2018, Landmark Christian School began the hard work of revising its English program to have more clarity and cohesion in its curricular scope and sequence towards these goals.
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  • All About Soar

    Stewardship, Outdoor Discovery, Adventure, & Relationship

    SOAR is the acronym that encompasses the outdoor education values integrated K12 at Landmark Christian School. This intentional outdoor adventure education programming is meant to teach the traits of effective leadership in our graduates. It spans curricular integration, purposefully designed outdoor spaces, collaborative teamwork exercises, experiential adventure-oriented leadership training, environmental, place-based learning, and school-wide sustainability initiatives. Ultimately, SOAR is the implemented plan for growing students who are equipped for any challenge with the knowledge that when the storms of life come their way, our students will be able to rise above (Isaiah 40:31). 
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  • “The Rookie” - Landmark Aviation Academy Instructor, Dr. Jim Lee, Returns to the Cockpit

    Dr. Lee, the first Landmark Christian School aviation instructor and one who helped launch the Aviation Academy in 2019, is returning to the cockpit. He will divide his time between Landmark Christian School and Republic Airways, continuing to influence and educate students in the Landmark Aviation Academy classroom.

    Read more to view his letter to learn more about Dr. Lee’s role and the changes in the Aviation Academy for 2021-2022.
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  • Bill Thorn extends AJC Peachtree Road Race streak to 52

    Bill Thorn extends AJC Peachtree Road Race streak to 52

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  • Middle School Exploratories, with Mr. Baffour Osei and Anaya Yates (‘26)  

    Intro to Robotics & Coding

    Anaya Yates is a 7th grader at Landmark Christian Academy. She represents all four pillars of Landmark excellence: she excels in art, academics, athletics, and spiritual life. Inquisitive, hard-working, bright, and humble, Anaya knows how hard it is to choose amongst a wide array of electives. She says, "There are so many things I want to try!" Anaya began her 7th-grade year with Mr. Baffour Osei in Intro to Robotics and Coding. The second semester, she is trying her hand at sewing in Fashion Academy. She is having fun and excelling in both. 
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  • Pilot Lights

    Dr. Jim Lee, Landmark Aviation Academy instructor,  invites experts to participate in developing the program and curriculum of the Landmark Aviation Academy. One guest speaker is Mr. Alex Okland,  a Delta Flight Instructor and 1st Officer. Mr. Okland says, “Once I heard about the vision of the Landmark Aviation Academy, I thought, wait a minute; this may be a place where we can plug in, invest and make a difference in the lives of students and in the future of Aviation.” Mr. Okland spends the majority of his time, now, in Delta simulators training pilots. And at least one day a week, he volunteers to co-teach Aviation I & II with Dr. Lee. 
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  • The Sky's the Limit - A V I A T I O N

    On March 12 and 13, twelve Landmark Aviation Academy students took to the skies to discover for themselves the experience of piloting an airplane.  


    Coordinated by Dr. Jim Lee, Landmark Aviation students experienced classroom knowledge practically applied and tested during their personal Discovery Flights at Falcon Field through FLYT Aviation. A discovery flight is a simple and economical way to put a student in the cockpit and let them experience a real airplane outside the classroom. What the students took away from the experience is that hard work and devotion to the subject of aviation pay off. 
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  • A Lifetime of Music

    A Lifetime of Music

    A Lasting Sound
    Music is a reality that invites us to join in the sound that resonates with our hearts. Music is a gift we give and one we receive. It is full of transcendent beauty that lasts beyond lifetimes.
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  • 7th-Grade Shark Tank

    7th-Grade Shark Tank

    This month in 7th-grade Bible, students were asked to create inspiring companies and were given the chance to compete in our very own version of Shark Tank!
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  • Secret Agent Dingledorf

    Secret Agent Dingledorf

    Mr. Billy Dickson, ASC, head of the Landmark Christian School Film Academy, is proud to present his latest feature film, Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat. Mr. Dickson directed and produced the film from a book by Christian novelist and children’s author, Mr. Bill Myers. The movie is expected in theaters in Newnan the first of July.
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  • Landmark Track and Field Soars to Victory

    Landmark Track and Field Soars to Victory

    But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

    May 15, 2021, Landmark Christian School Boys High School Track & Field Team took first place in the GHSA State Championship, led by coaches Brittany Truitt, Milton Campbell, Sierra Dukes, Mike Cornelison, Vincente Cobb and Becca White. While we had several stand-out performances, it all came down to the final race of the three-day event: the Boys 4 x 400m Relay ran by Joshua Smith (‘22), Micah Dennis (‘22), Dylan Span (‘21), and Zack Truitt (‘21), with a time of 3:20.31, finishing 1st and securing the title of GHSA GA State Champions in Track and Field.  
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