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  • Middle School Exploratories, with Mr. Baffour Osei and Anaya Yates (‘26)  

    Intro to Robotics & Coding

    Anaya Yates is a 7th grader at Landmark Christian Academy. She represents all four pillars of Landmark excellence: she excels in art, academics, athletics, and spiritual life. Inquisitive, hard-working, bright, and humble, Anaya knows how hard it is to choose amongst a wide array of electives. She says, "There are so many things I want to try!" Anaya began her 7th-grade year with Mr. Baffour Osei in Intro to Robotics and Coding. The second semester, she is trying her hand at sewing in Fashion Academy. She is having fun and excelling in both. 
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  • Pilot Lights

    Dr. Jim Lee, Landmark Aviation Academy instructor,  invites experts to participate in developing the program and curriculum of the Landmark Aviation Academy. One guest speaker is Mr. Alex Okland,  a Delta Flight Instructor and 1st Officer. Mr. Okland says, “Once I heard about the vision of the Landmark Aviation Academy, I thought, wait a minute; this may be a place where we can plug in, invest and make a difference in the lives of students and in the future of Aviation.” Mr. Okland spends the majority of his time, now, in Delta simulators training pilots. And at least one day a week, he volunteers to co-teach Aviation I & II with Dr. Lee. 
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  • The Sky's the Limit - A V I A T I O N

    On March 12 and 13, twelve Landmark Aviation Academy students took to the skies to discover for themselves the experience of piloting an airplane.  


    Coordinated by Dr. Jim Lee, Landmark Aviation students experienced classroom knowledge practically applied and tested during their personal Discovery Flights at Falcon Field through FLYT Aviation. A discovery flight is a simple and economical way to put a student in the cockpit and let them experience a real airplane outside the classroom. What the students took away from the experience is that hard work and devotion to the subject of aviation pay off. 
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  • A Lifetime of Music

    A Lifetime of Music

    A Lasting Sound
    Music is a reality that invites us to join in the sound that resonates with our hearts. Music is a gift we give and one we receive. It is full of transcendent beauty that lasts beyond lifetimes.
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  • 7th-Grade Shark Tank

    7th-Grade Shark Tank

    This month in 7th-grade Bible, students were asked to create inspiring companies and were given the chance to compete in our very own version of Shark Tank!
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  • Secret Agent Dingledorf

    Secret Agent Dingledorf

    Mr. Billy Dickson, ASC, head of the Landmark Christian School Film Academy, is proud to present his latest feature film, Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat. Mr. Dickson directed and produced the film from a book by Christian novelist and children’s author, Mr. Bill Myers. The movie is expected in theaters in Newnan the first of July.
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  • Landmark Track and Field Soars to Victory

    Landmark Track and Field Soars to Victory

    But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

    May 15, 2021, Landmark Christian School Boys High School Track & Field Team took first place in the GHSA State Championship, led by coaches Brittany Truitt, Milton Campbell, Sierra Dukes, Mike Cornelison, Vincente Cobb and Becca White. While we had several stand-out performances, it all came down to the final race of the three-day event: the Boys 4 x 400m Relay ran by Joshua Smith (‘22), Micah Dennis (‘22), Dylan Span (‘21), and Zack Truitt (‘21), with a time of 3:20.31, finishing 1st and securing the title of GHSA GA State Champions in Track and Field.  
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  • BEE Loved

    Recently, the Fairburn campus welcomed prospective families to learn more about Landmark through an Open House. Parents of children interested in the Landmark Early Childhood Center (ECC) stepped into a happy "honey beehive" of warmth because of the extra care, devotion to detail, and generosity of Mrs. Latonja Jackson and the teachers she works within ECC After-school Care (ASC).
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  • Art & Innovation In Process

    I N   P R O C E S S: A new series on Art in Schools and Creative Learning with Landmark Resident Artist, Scott Palmer 

    The campus of Landmark Christian School is changing colors before our eyes. Spaces that were once primarily beige and stifling are in the process of being radically transformed into places where endless possibility exists.
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  • Welcome, Mr. Jonathan Britt!

    Landmark Christian School is excited to introduce to the community, Mr. Jonathan Britt. Mr. Britt will be the Landmark Instrumental Band teacher in the upcoming school year.  

    Rhythm and Voice  
    Mr. Britt was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey into a family of musical parents. His mom was a church organist and his dad was a rock guitarist. Growing up with an eclectic mix of sounds, genres, and instruments, he fell in love with music.
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  • Welcome, Mrs. Daja Rice!

    We are excited to announce the addition of Mrs. Daja Rice to our Landmark Fine Arts Department. 

    Originally from Spring Valley, NY, Mrs. Daja Rice is a Performing and Teaching Artist and Author. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance and Education from North Carolina Central University. Mrs. Rice has spent most of her career performing on the stage and enhancing the personal, professional, and artistic development of youth through the performing arts. Now residing in Grayson, GA, she is currently pursuing her M.F.A. in Acting at University of Georgia. Being called to be a light in the darkness, she lives and works on PURPOSE, embracing opportunities to create meaningful art with conviction, integrity, and passion.
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  • God of Laughter, King of Feasts

    Matthew Huff, English Department Chair, Landmark Christian School
    In an age of hatred, outrage, narcissism, and deep defiance against absolutes such as truth, goodness, and beauty, the longing for a rich and glorious joy burns feverishly in our hearts. This sour world, lost in the circus mirrors of its own vanity and drowning in the white noise of feeds, posts, snaps, and binges of all stripes, is in dire need of a good feast, what Tolkien saw as a hearty evening by the fire, filled with boisterous laughter and great dancing. Or, as Lewis suggested, what greater way to herald the breaking of winter than the carousing of creatures at the coming of spring? The promise of resurrection is a great promise, full and strong, breaking like the tide against this screen-drunk land.
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  • Shoe Self

    High School art students demonstrate how shoe choice reveals an aspect of self-expression.
    Alternative Self-Portrait Painting
    Although shoes aren’t usually the first thing others notice when seeing a person, shoes are at the top of the list of items that can reveal much about who we are.
    High school art students in Painting/Drawing I, II, III worked side by side in completing their most recent assignment, the Shoe Self-Portrait. Though given the same task, students are held to separate expectations, depending on class level. Combining skill levels in class allows students the opportunity to learn from and encourage each other. 
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  • All Rise!

    For students passionate about law, public speaking, or problem solving, joining the Mock Trial Team at Landmark Christian can be very rewarding. In Mock Trial, students prepare legal cases and present them in specific roles, as a team, in front of a judge in courtroom settings. In addition to gaining knowledge of legal proceedings, participation aids in the development of many critical life skills, from teamwork to critical analysis, to listening, speaking, writing and acting.
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  • Sammie McGurl is named 2021 PAGE STAR Student for Landmark Christian

    She's a STAR! 

    Landmark Christian School senior Sammie McGurl has been named the 2021 PAGE STAR Student for Landmark Christian. Miss McGurl earned this high honor recognition by achieving the highest score on a single test date on the SAT from the 2021 class and being in the top 10% of the class based on GPA. Miss McGurl selected Mr. Mark Hossler, AP Physics teacher, as her STAR Teacher, a teacher defined as the most instrumental in the STAR student’s academic development. Mr. Hosslers says, “Sammie is a delightful student, full of enthusiasm and positivity. Her personal drive for success is shown through her many accomplishments. She navigated throughout an intensely complicated and challenging high school career as both an amazing student and successful athlete.”
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  • FRESH GROWTH at Landmark Christian School

    Mrs. Shannon McBride is one of the fresh faces at Landmark this year. It is with open arms & excitement that we welcome her. She is grateful for the joy that comes with the peace of knowing she is where God wants her to be.

    There is value in the process and in the result of art, sewing, and design. It is an experience that ends in something tangible. Expression, innovation - there is value in the process. 

    Mrs. McBride joined Landmark Christian School as the middle school art teacher and the Fashion Academy Director. 
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  • Inside Out Gaming

    Landmark Christian School is excited about how children learn and ways to make learning come alive. Mr. Baffour Osei teaches his students how to be successful in STEM, then he steps back and encourages them to take the lead. By doing this, Mr. Osei allows space for the magic of learning to happen. 
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  • Rite of Passage

    As iron Sharpens Iron, so does one man for another. Proverbs 27:17

    On Friday, March 26, the Christian Life Department hosted a time of fun, friendship, and fellowship for fathers and their senior sons. The evening was the first of more to come. It served as a way to reflect on times shared and joyfully anticipate what lies ahead.  

    Mr. Fred Gilkeson (Coach G), Campus Pastor shares, “Revelry among men is powerful and with their sons, priceless.” Play is an integral part of life - something we should strive to keep in our lives. Fathers and sons came together in community with friends to participate in axe throwing, virtual reality games, friendly competition, fire, food, fellowship, prayer, laughter and words of truth spoken for and over each young man. 
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  • Story Arts

    Landmark Christian is excited to partner with The Forest School, Trillith Studios, The Town at Trilith, the Georgia Film Academy, Utopian Academy for the Arts, the Alliance Theater, and Fayette County Public School to develop Story Arts—a resource for educators, parents, and learners ages kindergarten through graduate school.

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  • After the Last Play

    Landmark Christian School coaches develop student-athletes into mighty warriors for Christ, on and off the field, long after the whistle blows. 

    Athletics is critical to the education of our students. Every day, Landmark coaches and athletes pour their hearts into their sports and into each other. It is on the athletic fields and courts where lessons such as teamwork, overcoming obstacles and adversity, sacrifice, and selflessness are best taught. At Landmark Christian, our priorities in athletics are that our student-athletes grow spiritually from the experience of competing on our teams, that they learn to compete with a relentless spirit, that they develop great fundamentals and techniques, and they learn how to win and lose with class and dignity. At season’s end, wins are celebrated, but there is so much more to recognize after the last play.
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