COVID-19 Awareness & Information

The health and well-being of our students and employees are our top priority and we are vigilant in monitoring and responding to the latest guidelines presented from the Center for Disease Control, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Department of Education, and the Governor’s executive orders regarding school gatherings and safety. Additionally, we consider our local county school districts’ implementation plans and our local independent schools’ implementation plans and are in regular sessions provided by our school accreditors, the National Associate of Independent Schools, the Southern Association of Independent Schools as well as the Association of Christian Schools International where we learn and share about the best practices. All of these organizations provide comprehensive and helpful guidelines for how to conduct learning in a safe environment. 
Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics released  guidelines stating they “strongly advocate that all policy considerations for the fall of 2020 should start with a goal of having students physically present in schools.” 
Landmark Christian School has successfully opened the school year for in-person learning and we are offering additional personalized distance learning options for parents who choose distance learning or a hybrid option. We began a staggered opening on August 12 and all classes are in session as of August 17. Our fall re-opening plan highlights the policies and guidelines that we are currently following. 
What does it look like when my child returns to school? 
There are two answers to this question. First, to help parents and students prepare for this unique school year we released videos that illustrated what the day-to-day operations will look like for students when they return. How will drop-off look? How will transitioning to the hallways look? How will lunchtime look? How does classroom learning look? While our reopening plan addresses these, we distributed content that addresses these topics in video format prepared for our families so that they feel confident and clear on our reopening plan. 
The second answer to that question is, for families who for any reason do not want their child to return to school for five-day a week learning, Landmark is offering individualized plans for distance learning that include various elements of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, including screencasting, live streaming, recorded lectures and instructional videos, digital text resources, online learning tools, and assignments. Since each family’s needs are different, we will work directly with each family to build an individualized learning plan for each student on a case by case basis within the framework of support that we are able to offer. 
Contact Information:
For more information or to begin setting up a learning plan, please contact the following administrators: 
Elementary: Ms. Angela Hopewell 
Middle School: Dr. Daniel Wesche 
High School: Ms. Amy Harriton
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