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  • Personalized Educational Options Available

    We recognize that some families will need the flexibility to choose to keep their children at home for periods of time even while the school remains open. These following are options available.

    1. Flexible Learning Plan If you are interested in your son or daughter taking classes fully online with a flexible return to campus or taking some classes online and some classes on-campus, please contact Ms. Dara Titus ( or  Ms. Amy Harriton ( for grades 9th-12th, Ms. Margie Johnson ( or Dr. Daniel Wesche ( for grades 6th-8th, and Ms. Angela Hopewell ( for K4-5th. These teams will help you organize your flexible learning plan. These options allow for flexible returns to campus and provide students the opportunity to opt-in to fewer on-campus classes yet still have an on-campus connection. In these cases, families would arrange for transportation unique to each student’s own school schedule. As these plans require great flexibility and increased support structures for students, there is no tuition discount for a personalized flexible learning plan. 
    2. Elementary Learning Plan Please reach out to Ms. Angela Hopewell ( ) for elementary options. 
  • Magnus Health App Required for All Students

    For this school year, we will be using the Magnus Health mobile phone app for parents to complete a daily COVID-19 screening assessment of their student(s) each morning prior to departure for school. The Magnus mobile app allows parents to complete the assessment easily from a smartphone in just a few clicks.

    This screening process helps create the safest possible environment for your students and our faculty and staff by avoiding screenings at the door.

    At the completion of the quick survey each morning, you will receive a message for the student’s attendance instruction for that day. As this is a web-based system, you will have continuous access to your child’s health record and the ability to make updates when needed to any health history. All health form updates may be completed through the new app as well. 
    Here are instructions to learn more about the Magnus screening process and to set up the app on your phone. Provided your child’s enrollment is complete, you now have access to the Magnus Health COVID-19 Daily Screening for your student(s). You will access the screening via the button titled “COVID-19.” Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this daily screening as it is an imperative function of our safety protocols.

    All parents must submit the screening each morning for Landmark Christian School no later than 8:00 a.m. Timely submission of health information is vital so that preparations can be made prior to the start of each school day. Please reserve one to two minutes per child to complete this screening each morning. 

    Questions or problems? For any school policy or attendance questions please contact our school offices at 770-692-6741 or email For any technical issues with the mobile app such as login problems, or problems completing the screening please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR by phone at 877-461-6831 or by email at Also, please feel free to consult the Magnus Health Privacy and Security page at

    Once arriving to campus and while in carpool you will be asked to verify whether you have completed the online questionnaire. If you have not completed the screening questions in advance, we will manually screen your child either in the carpool line, at one of the blue temperature check tents, or at the front desk. Long lines may develop for on-campus screenings so please do your best to screen your child(ren) before arriving on campus.
    We will reconcile the Magnus app to the manual screening logs against the attendance report. Should we determine a student is absent, we will call to verify the reason for the absence. If we find that the student is present on campus without a screening, we will call the student to the nurses’ office to be screened and the parent will be called.

    What happens if a student fails the screening? If the child fails the online screening prior to arrival to school, please do not bring the child to campus. Please alert the office of the reason for the child’s absence. If a child fails the in-person screening at the campus, the parent will be directed to take the child back home and to follow up with their pediatrician. If a student-driver fails the screening, they will be asked to return home and Landmark will call the parent to alert them that their child has been sent home.

    We thank you for your cooperation and patience as we navigate these new screening protocols with the intent to keep our population as safe as possible.
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  • Processes for Health and Hygiene

    Various signage around the school will encourage proper health and hygiene practices.  Everyone will be encouraged to wash their hands, refrain from touching their face, and to cover a cough or sneeze with their forearm. Across campus, classes will be dismissed into the halls on a staggering schedule to minimize hallway traffic as much as possible and all hallways will be Mask Up Zones. Depending on the width and layout of hallways, signage may indicate one-way paths as well. Decals will be placed along the hall to guide students in patterns of hallway traffic that encourage movement in the same direction; additionally, guidelines for spacing will be placed in the hallways for students to observe as they move through the halls. Our students will remain as cohorts of schools (early childhood, elementary, middle, and high) to reduce transmission.
  • Daily Health Screenings

    Our families will receive a notification from Magnus to download their new app for at-home screening questions. Our campus screening procedures will continue with students being met at carpool and parking lots for a temperature scan if they state they did not complete the online screening. Students and staff with a temperature greater than 100 degrees or exhibiting symptoms that are consistent with guidelines laid forth by the Georgia Department of Health will be asked to stay home. School visitors will be limited and carefully screened at the door. 
  • Illness Guidelines

    Click here for the illness guidelines in graphic form.
  • Daily Cleaning of Classrooms and Campus

    The gym area and the nurses’ offices will be cleaned each evening with a CDC approved disinfectant fog applied with electrostatic technology to maximize its coverage in each area. All other areas will receive this electrostatic fog treatment Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. This is in addition to frequent wipe downs of surfaces with approved disinfectants by custodial staff in all common areas. Teachers, with student assistance, will use hospital-grade disinfectant wipes at the end of each class period on desk surfaces, chairs, and on any classroom supplies. Playground equipment will also be sprayed down by our custodial staff between recess periods.
  • Restroom Sanitization

    Additional automatic flushing and automatic handwashing devices have been installed as well as hands-free devices to open the doors. Door handles will be cleaned frequently throughout the day with CDC approved disinfectant. Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned every day. In addition, students and staff will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon exit from the restrooms.   
  • Protective Wear - Masks | Shields

    We have students and staff on campus who are in vulnerable groups for this virus; we will continue to consider and evaluate the health guidelines regarding students and staff wearing masks. 
    All students must come to school with either a face mask or a face shield. The CDC “recommends that people wear cloth face coverings” to slow the spread of the virus. The CDC also advises that individuals with underlying conditions (such as asthma) or are on the younger aged end not be mandated to wear a mask, so we will accept a face mask or a face shield as appropriate options to choose. We will have Mask Up Zones where face masks or face shields must be worn. There will be signage on campus to distinguish Mask Up and Mask Down Zones. These areas are primarily in our hallways or where adequate social distancing cannot take place. We will walk our students and employees through these areas during training, orientation, and the first days of school. Face shields can be worn instead of a face mask in a Mask Up Zone. Mask Down Zones give teachers the authority to allow students to remove face masks or shields only when adequate social distancing can take place.
  • Class Sizes and Furniture Spacing

    Each K4-12th grade class and section has been carefully analyzed to minimize the number of students in each room, and we have maximized the new MS|HS schedule to reduce class sizes wherever possible. Desks are being spaced within each classroom to maximize social distance.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

    Additional hand sanitizer stations have been distributed throughout the school campus to ensure frequent use.  
  • Air Quality

    Air purification devices are being installed within all existing centralized HVAC systems.  In addition, portable classroom air purifiers have been added to the classrooms that do not have a direct HVAC air supply. We will also utilize outside air as much as possible for instruction.
  • Group Gatherings

    Our small group advisory meets weekly, socially distanced, in the middle and high school. Chapels are planned for a streamed viewing in the socially distanced classrooms as well as a rotation of live attendance, socially distanced. Lunches will be held in classrooms for elementary students; designated expanded eating areas throughout the campus and staggered lunch periods allow for socially distanced, shortened lunches in middle and high school. Announcements for the high school will be recorded by our prefect team and watched in socially distanced classrooms.
  • Bus Services

    The following COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines will be in place for Landmark Christian School Transportation.

    • Every day, the bus driver will ask if the parent has updated the Magnus App that morning. If the answer is "Yes", the driver will take a temperature check before students are allowed on the bus but will not ask screening questions. If they answer “No”, the driver will ask screening questions and take the student's temperature. Parents should arrive early enough for this additional process. Parents should not leave the drop-off location until their child is on the bus.
    • Masks must be worn while on the bus.
    • There will be alternating seating to allow for social distancing on the bus. Student bags and/or equipment may be placed in the unused seats.
    • Siblings will be required to sit together to allow seating for as many students as possible.
    Thank you for your understanding and patience as we go through this process. We strive daily to transport your children to and from school in a timely and safe manner. We believe these changes will allow for safer transportation of your children.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Mollie Mayfield (, Mr. Jon Torrenga (, or Ms. Janice Lassiter (
  • After School Care

    After school care will be offered with students kept within the same groupings by grade level as much as possible, separated into smaller spaces via partitions, without intermingling, and with social distancing. Extracurriculars that allow for social distancing and small class sizes under 20 will be offered. Supplies utilized will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. For the younger students, individual activity boxes have been created and will be labeled with the child’s name so that supplies are not shared. 
  • Cafe

    Landmark will offer daily foodservice through ChefAdvantage. Students will be served by cafe staff rather than by self-service. Social distancing will apply to those in lines and each child will sanitize his or her hands after entering the student account number. Plexiglass will be used in the serving line and at the cash registers for additional protection for staff and students. The fountain drink station will not be available for use.  Bottled beverages will be available. As always, students are allowed to bring their own food from home. Seating in the cafe will be limited, so elementary students will be served in their classrooms. All other students will have options to sit in the cafeteria in reduced numbers, outside or in classrooms. The lunch tables will be cleaned after each lunch service with a CDC approved disinfectant which is also used by Piedmont Hospital and the cafe will be thoroughly cleaned every day.
  • Carpool Drop-Off

    Temperature checks will be performed on students in the carpool drop-off lines if the Magnus app has not been updated by the parent that morning. Please make sure you do not drive away until your child has been checked and approved to enter the campus.
  • Students Who Drive to Campus

    If your child drives their own vehicle to school, athletic practices, and campus events, they will be asked if their parent updated the Magnus app that morning and if not, they will be directed to a temperature check station to be checked and approved to enter campus. These stations will be at the front entrance, ECC, The Grove carpool line, Thorn Stadium parking, Business Office lot and Garwood parking lot (for practices and games). Anyone exemplifying symptoms or having elevated temperature will not be allowed to enter campus or participate.
  • Field and Mission Trips

    All out-of-state/country field trips will be held on pause for the fall of 2020. They will be re-evaluated in late 2020 to determine whether conditions in 2021 will allow them to resume. Local field trips will be considered on a case-by-case basis with conscientious avoidance of crowds. An example of an acceptable field trip would be a class-only trip to a local outdoor nature center with outdoor air circulation and ample spacing for social distancing. On buses, students would necessarily be seated one student per seat, will be a Mask up Zone and the buses will be sanitized before and after each trip. Certainly, any child will be excused from participating if the parent is not comfortable with the trip procedures.
  • Enhanced Digital Learning Platforms

    Portal, our learning management system, will be our primary platform for supporting our remote learners. All Landmark Christian classes have a “Bulletin Board” page that has three essential columns: Access Instructions, Daily Agenda, and Syllabus. “Access Instructions” holds the links to any learning support platforms as well as log in directions. “Daily Agenda” has links by date to a learning activity designed for the remote learner to stay on pace with the classroom learning objectives. (This could be synchronous, such as join the live Zoom discussion, or asynchronous, such as watching a pre-recorded lecture and answering questions. Faculty will be determining by lesson the method of learning that will best serve the remote students.) Last, “Syllabus” has the classroom syllabus, which this year will indicate any shared classroom supplies to the best of that teacher’s ability. For example, if that class uses a shared classroom set of textbooks throughout the year, that textbook and ISBN will be listed so that parents have the option to purchase individual supplies. Likewise, elective classes with shared art supplies would list shared materials, allowing families to make the decision to provide those materials for individual use should they desire. (Please remember that all classroom supplies are cleaned during the ten-minute transition period between classes.) Any student, any day, any period is able to learn remotely from Portal. 

    Another flexible, separate option from our remote access to Landmark courses is the option to enroll in any one of our fully online partner programs that offer online courses taught from a Christian worldview with an accredited online, asynchronous curriculum. For more information about the array of offerings available, contact Ms. Dara Titus at

    At the grades 1-5 level, faculty are adopting our middle and high school learning management system, Portal, for consistency in presentation and navigation for all families. Each class’s Bulletin Board will become the landing page for directions and support for remote learning. Elementary parents will be trained in navigating Portal in August during Parent Night and have access to instructional “how-to” videos to refer back to as needed.

    Additionally, we have enhanced our Zoom security to include integration to link classroom live meetings from within Portal itself, thereby ensuring the use of a unique link, as well as requiring a student log on using each student’s individually assigned Landmark username and password. Training on this will occur for middle and high school students during orientation and in classrooms. 

    Further, our IT Department will continue to look at increased standardization and integration of our various instructional platforms to improve the sign-in experience for our students and parents. 

    On November 3, rather than observing a no school day for students while pursuing a professional development day for teachers, middle and high school students will be asked to access a selection of their teachers’ lessons remotely through the Bulletin Board of Portal. This day will be reserved as a day to practice distance learning procedures and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks that arise for students. Please note, this is a pre-scheduled in-service day, a pupil-free day, and does not count towards the number of distance learning days.
  • November 3 Distance Learning Practice for MS | HS

    On November 3, rather than observing a no school day for students while pursuing a professional development day for teachers, middle and high school students will be asked to access a selection of their teachers’ lessons remotely through the Bulletin Board of Portal. This day will be reserved as a day to practice distance learning procedures and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks that arise for students. Please note, this is a pre-scheduled in-service day, a pupil-free day, and does not count towards the number of distance learning days.
  • Extended Closure | Distance Learning | Elementary School

    The elementary school (grades 1-5) uses a progressively more independent approach to distance learning. 

    In third, fourth, fifth grades the students are well-trained to access their studies using Google Classroom. Regular live/synchronous instruction is held through Zoom with the classroom teacher. In addition, recorded/asynchronous instructional and tutorial videos are provided by the classroom teacher as well as the exploratory teachers of French, Spanish, PE, and visual and performing arts. Teachers host regular office hours to answer questions and connect with students. As mentioned above, we have enhanced the security of our use of Zoom by individual logons and unique meeting links that are embedded within the Portal classrooms. 

    In first and second grades, students also have regular live/synchronous sessions with the classroom teacher. A week’s plan of daily lessons is posted on the Portal for families and structured using the following guidance.

    1. Essentials: The bare instruction and practice that must be accomplished to keep a student on track towards the student learning outcomes. 
    2. Enrichment: Activities that are designed to provide learning experiences that involve the family, the outdoors, crafts--activities that require more preparation on the part of the parent are optional for the family to complete. Students who enjoy exploratory classes will have access to optional instructional and tutorial videos provided by the exploratory teachers of French, Spanish, PE, and visual and performing arts.
    3. Extra Practice: Independent work that is provided for students to reinforce specific skills. This should not require significant parent oversight.
  • Extended Closure | Distance Learning | Middle and High School

    In the event of a federal, state, county public health authority, or board decision to close the school, we will move to our distance learning plan.

    Middle and High School Distance Learning Plan Schedule, Enhanced Digital Learning Platforms, and Student Support

    We are committed to continuing surveying our parents, students, and faculty to design a schedule and an appropriate workload for distance learning. This schedule is designed for all students who have to adapt to a fully remote environment when this was not their first choice; it would likely be enacted alongside a period of sheltering at home, which we know has its own mental, emotional, and financial tolls on the community. For this reason, this schedule is not a rigorous online learning schedule but allows for ample spacing throughout the week and the incorporation of necessary community and elective time in order to best support the spiritual and emotional well-being of our students. At these meeting times below, the student meets live with their class period and teacher on Zoom. As mentioned above, we have enhanced the security of our use of Zoom by individual logins and unique meeting links that are embedded within the Portal classrooms. 

    Note that in this schedule below, an asynchronous chapel is released on Wednesday and otherwise is considered a catch-up day for students with no new instruction or work due that day. We had great success with advisory on Fridays this past year, and we would continue to end the week for the students with our synchronous advisory time. We also have the opportunity for our clubs and other extra-curriculars to meet virtually on Wednesday in this schedule, buoying the spirits of our students. 

    Additionally, teachers will continue to be available during office hours throughout the week for quick-response messaging as well as video conferencing. 

    Distance Learning Intervention and Support Plan

    In the online setting, students often feel isolated and can need a greater amount of adult oversight for accountability in classwork. For this reason, in the phase of full distance learning, we enact weekly grade and login reports for high school students, and various high school staff and administration will work together to monitor assigned caseloads of students, calling home and reaching out to families when students fall below a C in courses, and working with students to help them create plans to catch up, as well as helping facilitate contact between the student and the teacher(s). 

    College Counseling

    Our college counseling department is already planning a virtual year’s program alongside the planned brick-and-mortar programming to guide families and students through the college admissions process without a hitch whether meeting in the cafeteria or meeting by Zoom. All regularly scheduled training, parent education workshops, and student meetings will be held as scheduled but will pivot to a virtual platform for these meetings. Check the Weekly Newsletter for the College Counseling Corner as well as follow Landmark College Counseling (@landmarkcollegecounseling) on Instagram for the latest updates.

  • Return to School August Staggered Start Dates

    Landmark began a staggered return for the 20-21 school year.

    Start Dates For Each Grade
    • 8/12 Middle School 
    • 8/13 4th grade through MS (Fairburn campus only)
    • 8/14 All Peachtree City and All K4-8th Fairburn campus
    • 8/17 All School
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