The Great Give

Parents, and many grandparents, sacrifice a great deal to pay private school tuition, yet very real needs still exist, which tuition does not underwrite. These things are vital to the complete education of each Landmark student and to help a number of LCS families in need. The year-long LANDMARK FUND is the time-honored way to voluntarily give beyond tuition so that more can be accomplished. 
Landmark uses The Great Give, a one-week-long celebration of philanthropy, to call attention to this year’s five highest charitable funding priorities, and to raise at least 10% of the yearly fundraising goal. We depend upon 100% participation.
Use the links to the right to inform yourself on the priorities, to watch how much has been raised towards each goal, and to note who has participated in The Great Give this week! 
For more information on the LANDMARK FUND or any other matter concerning charitable giving, please contact Marty Riggs, Senior Director of Giving and Alumni Relations – 
Thank you in advance for your support!
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