The GOAL Tax Credit program allows taxpayers to redirect some of their state income tax to a student who is transferring from a public school to Landmark Christian School (or any private school). Every taxpayer, whether an individual, couple, LLC or corporation, can greatly benefit without having to incur the ultimate cost – and perhaps even benefit economically.

Private school communities all over the state are competing for these precious tax credits. With your all-in participation, we can claim a healthy share for our community. Let’s raise the bar for Landmark Christian School!

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  • How do I apply for the GOAL tax credit?

    All $100 million in available education tax credits will be consumed by taxpayers on the first business day of the year. Apply for your 2019 tax credit today!
    It takes just 20 seconds to complete the online application on GOAL’s website. Nothing further is required until payment is due by mid-March of 2019.

    GOAL will keep you informed every step of the way and is always available to address any questions or concerns. You may also contact Jim Lee for more information – jimlee@landmark-cs.org or 770-692-6834.
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