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  • Professional Development for Faculty & Staff

    PROJECT GOAL: $100,000
    Professional development is a priority at the individual level, grade level, and school-wide. Landmark teachers and staff on both campuses are encouraged to seek out individualized professional growth opportunities that enhance their skills and knowledge. Additionally, the school seeks to offer large group training on campus regarding specialized topics that benefit everyone. Other times one or two teachers are sent away to learn and then are invited to pass along their new knowledge to their on-campus "PLC", our professional learning community. Ongoing professional development is key to attracting and retaining excellence in teaching.
  • Classroom Enhancement Allowances

    PROJECT GOAL: $100,000 
    Every full-time teacher is annually provided with a $750 allowance to augment their classroom in ways that fit their student's individualized learning needs. Some departments choose to pool their funds, to make a larger investment in a group priority. These extra-budgetary allowances have been very impactful over time.
  • Spiritual Life

    PROJECT GOAL: $200,000
    We apply God's truth in our daily lives therefore it is essential that Landmark annually hosts spiritually refreshing student and faculty retreats, ideally as soon as spring 2021, and provides proper funding for middle and high school advisories. Additionally, it is our vision to create a permanent fund with which to engage prominent local and national speakers for a special chapel series. These are but a few of our dreams.
  • Equipment & Technology

    Project Goal: $200,000
    We embody a passion for excellence. While great teachers are the backbone of delivering an outstanding education there is also a true need for specific tools, equipment, and technology to support that instruction. This year, in particular, COVID-19 has caused the school to make several unbudgeted investments in its distance learning programs on top of other preexisting priorities such as the middle and high school film programs, or on campus-wide recycling. 

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  • Need-Based Tuition Assistance

    Project Goal: $300,000
    Landmark values diversity and embraces every student. The tuition assistance program offers need-based financial aid to families who could not otherwise send or keep their children in our school. The priority this year is to help those current Landmark families in difficulty due to COVID-19, to help qualified new families, and to be a blessing to students of underrepresented minorities who can add great value to campus life.
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