When you choose to invest in your child's education, you want to ensure you receive a tangible return on that investment. At Landmark Christian School we’ve spent over three decades providing education that brings children of all ages closer to Jesus Christ and yields high financial and personal dividends. Your child's educational success is a top priority. We do everything we can to create a faith-centered environment that encourages them to learn and grow in accordance with God's plan. Landmark has been ranked a 2021 Top School by Please keep reading to learn more about our students’ success, tuition costs, and to find out your eligibility for financial assistance.

A Worthy Investment

When you choose to trust us with your child’s education, your child will receive a life-defining curriculum that encourages your child to be their best self. One of the ways we strive to set your child up for success in high school is through our dual enrollment classes. Taught uniquely on our Fairburn campus, we give your junior or senior the opportunity to graduate with up to one full year of college credits. That’s right! And with an extensive offering of AP (advanced placement) courses, we'll ensure your child flourishes in a way that sets them up for college success and potentially lessens their college financial commitment. Landmark graduates are commonly accepted to highly competitive and highly ranked universities, such as the United States Coast Guard Academy, Georgia Tech, Emory, Vanderbilt, Davidson, Northwestern, Rice, Miami, among others. We take pride in providing the education that gives our students the confidence to soar to new heights.

Impacting the World for Jesus Christ

If you’ve decided Landmark Christian School is ideal for your child, we will work to ensure they receive the education you’ve intended for them. If you have additional questions concerning Landmark Christian tuition or would like to know more about need-based financial aid for the upcoming school year, contact us or reach out to our office of financial assistance at

We Honor Your Child’s Talents

Through our comprehensive curriculum, we encourage your child to discover their passions and develop their talents. Since we allow our students to explore a variety of interests, we give them the opportunity to take their passions to the next level. In doing so, we've seen much success. With each graduation, many of our students receive merit, athletics, and fine arts scholarships. In our graduating class of 2020 alone, 73 seniors received $10.1 million in merit scholarships, not including the HOPE Scholarship, GTEG, or the Zell Miller Scholarship. Fine Arts scholarships for this same class totaled more than $409,000, and athletic scholarships totaled more than $659,000. Talk about a return on your investment! For an in-depth look, view the 2020 Graduate STATS and Academic Profile.

Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

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