Motion Picture Industry Director Joins the Landmark Faculty Team

Landmark welcomes Billy Dickson, ASC as a new faculty member teaching Advanced Film Studies to Middle School and High School.
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Landmark welcomes Billy Dickson, ASC as a new faculty member teaching Advanced Film Studies to Middle School and High School.
Billy, as most people in the business know him, has been in the Motion Picture Industry since 1976. As the advent of MTV came in the early 80’s his narrative career got sidetracked as he worked as a gaffer, grip, and cameraman on many rock videos. In 1985 he was asked to shoot his first low budget feature film as director of photography. This quickly opened the door to many movies and television films.
In his career he has worked on over 15 feature films, 40 television movies and pilots including shows like – HBO “12 miles Of Bad Road”, CW “One Tree Hill”, NBC “Hidden Hills”, FOX “Ally McBeal”, ABC “Pop Rocks”, feature:
Miramax “Halloween 6”, WB “Babylon 5”, NBC “Desperado”, USA “The Big Easy”, UPN “ Deadly Games”, CBS “Victim of Love” and many more. His career encompasses over 600 episodes of some 25 television series, mini-series and specials. Dozens of rock videos and concerts for artists such as Peter Cetera, Karen Carpenter, Styx, The Doobie Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Fall Out Boy, Elton John, Sting, Tina Turner, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Interspersed with over 50 Television Commercials and many Campaign Films for the United Way and in 2010
traveled to Haiti filming a documentary on the Earthquake relief effort.
Billy has extensive knowledge in special effects employing his craft in many films and television which include his latest effort IQ-145. A state of the art web series filmed entirely in front of a green screen, Starring Thomas Dekker, Paul Johansson, Brad Rowe, Lance Henriksen, David Andrews and Marc Singer. The effects of this series, now released as a motion picture, were completed by Billy alone. Over two thousand green screenshots were composited with backgrounds created using state of the art software in HD/FILM quality -2:35 aspect ratio. The work on IQ-145 was recognized in 2009 by the DGA during the “Digital on a Dime” seminar. IQ-145 was nominated for a WEBBY (best Drama) and won 5 Telly awards including one for “SPFX.”
His latest works as director/director of photography includes image branding campaigns for networks like CBS, FOX, CW, E!, and ABC Family. Billy has also been directing and shooting branded commercials that include ABC Family, Coca-Cola, AT&T, SPRINT and his new game POKAMATES, which he developed as a board game and smartphone app. The campaign won him the Telly award for writing and directing of branded advertising content.

He is a member of “The Directors Guild of America” (DGA) “The American Society of Cinematographers” (ASC) “International Alliance of Stage and Television Employees” (IATSE local 600) and the “Television Academy of Arts and Science." Check out his website:    
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