How Our Garden Grows

What shall we say the kingdom of God is like? It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants. - Mark 4:30-32

Tiny is Mighty

Landmark Christian School has two locations - our “big” campus is located in downtown Fairburn. A second campus is planted in the heart of Peachtree City, hosting grades K4 - 3rd. 
Angela Hopewell is the elementary school principal of Landmark Christian School. She is the “master gardener” of both campuses. She selects, employs, and empowers excellent teachers who share one distinct characteristic - they are disciples of Christ.

The PTC Campus is small. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in content. It is a close-knit inviting community that supports and encourages one another. Together, they remember the work that they are doing is noble & worthy. Smaller classes and niche communities are representative of ‘concentrated cultivation.’ 

Jordan Walker is Ms. Hopewell's Assistant Principal at the Peachtree City location.  

Before coming to Landmark, Jordan spent 14 years working at a local private college preparatory school. When it came time for her children to begin school, she and her husband looked for a school that held Jesus at the center. The academic excellence available to her children at the former school was missing Jesus - the most important thing. Jordan understood the need for a circle of leaders, with Jesus in the middle, rallying around students and parents. “Our students need to hear from others the same thing they hear from their parents,” says Jordan. 

Landmark Christian School is a ministry first. Our elementary teachers are partnering with parents to influence the course and ultimate harvest of a child's life. There is nothing nobler than that. It all starts with identifying and supporting excellent teachers that are able to do the same for individual students. All of our teachers are unique and incredible individuals that share one common characteristic - Christ is the center of their lives and their work.

The greatest way to bless a parent is for a teacher to see, affirm, and hold onto great expectations for and from the student and the child. The security of knowing our children are safe, nurtured, and loved is one of the greatest gifts a parent can receive, and it is what Landmark Christian School works intentionally to provide every day.  

For our teachers, this reminder: to influence life is the greatest reward there is. For our parents: we thank you for trusting us with your child. 

We promise to support, protect, and love them well.
Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

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