Replicating Excellence

Landmark Christian School offers personalized learning where each family may choose the learning plan according to their needs. Currently, approximately 25% of Landmark families have chosen to enroll as virtual learners. These learners are engaged and encouraged through hands-on learning experiences. They are connected with their teachers and continually learning new ways to think collaboratively in out-of-the-box ways. They know with their classroom peers in dynamic ways that benefit all learners. Our sixth graders are teaching us how to use science and methodology to transcend time and space.
Identifying Excellence 
Ms. Lindsey Reed, our 6th-grade science teacher, led her virtual and in-person students in their first lab of the year. Her students were together in time and two separate spaces at once.
Learning is a Process
Together, we are clarifying what is needed to achieve excellent education during a pandemic. Landmark students are on the front lines of innovation in learning processes. The 6th graders’ assignment was to “write a clear and concise procedure as an element of the Scientific Method.” The lab was to help enforce the importance of clearly identifying a problem, devising a replicable plan of action, developing a coherent procedure (testing to determine whether it was repeatable with consistent results), and evaluating the anticipated outcome.  
If it sounds familiar, that is because it is. Our teachers, faculty, and administration use the same process regarding delivery models and modes of efficacy for connecting and inspiring our in-person and online learners.  
Building Blocks and Cream Clouds 
The 6th-grade students' lab materials ranged between Legos, shaving cream, and cotton balls. (Objects found in classrooms and homes.) 
Meanwhile, our teachers, faculty, and administration are working with technology, a little less “stable” material, but our cleaning materials are strong and steady! We are all teaching, learning, implementing, and monitoring across time and space as we go! Everyone matters!  
This week, both our students and teachers were enriched by the learning that happened despite space division. Together, we continue to evaluate our learning methods and building procedures, both in-person and online. Our 6th-grade students nailed it! They worked well together, learned from each other while being in two places at once. We know cohesion is possible and that our direction is forward. We will continue to strengthen virtual and in-person learning as we go, despite whatever circumstances we arrive at along the way.  
"The students worked great together! The classroom students enjoyed working and learning with their virtual classmates in real-time. They shared their documents and ideas well; each team member contributed and participated in identifying and problem-solving for a shared and desired outcome. All the students contributed to the building of a masterpiece." Ms. Reed 
Exciting Exploration 
From a parent: “This is my daughter’s favorite class! She loves science! And she is learning through messes and exploration!”
We live in exciting times. Landmark Christian School is pioneering learning through innovation. We are not on the sidelines in this game. We are in the game, leading the way forward. People notice the way the game is played. Jesus is the answer to how this is possible. Only through the Holy Spirit's power can a community of learners be in two places at once and remain connected and growing.  
Give Thanks
Parents, thank you for your continued faith, hope, and trust in Landmark Christian School. Teachers, you are the spark that ignites the learning and what drives the entire process. You are loved by us all. Please continue to share love, grace, and truth. If you have a creative idea or feedback that is productive, please share it with us. 
Learning never stops; only the circumstances change. The process of adapting online education to be more engaging and social ensures a future where online learning can provide high-quality education. What our Landmark Community is doing has never been done before. Our goal is to remain open. To continue building a learning community and system that is so solid, students can fluidly flow between being in-person and online.  
Where we are today is in the middle of time, changing circumstances, and discovery. Landmark's aim is ambitious: to bridge divides in time and space and inspire learning for all. Through our partnership with families, we are building the leaders of tomorrow. We are creating by continuing to develop learning methods and procedures that transcend time and space divides. We could not do this without the Lord showing us how, without our Christ-centered students, families, and teachers.  
The prayer: Dear God, we give thanks for our unstoppable teachers and our fearless learners.
Can you tell the difference between the students that are in-person learning and those who are virtual?
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