Tradition of Senior Homecoming Court

From a young girl in elementary school and every year until, Landmark Christian School girls dream of and look forward to this special day, Homecoming. It is a day for each senior girl to be honored and shine. “I remember thinking how beautiful every girl was, how their dresses sparkled, how perfect their ‘pageant’ hair, the flawless faces, how they all looked like princesses! Each year, as my senior year became closer, my excitement increased. I could not wait until it was my senior year and Homecoming, and finally, here we are.” - Landmark senior, Class of 2021.
Indeed, Homecoming is one of the most memorable experiences and treasured traditions at Landmark and one few schools anywhere offer. It is a night shared by all. At Landmark Christian, every senior girl is on the court, while most schools only select a few representatives of the senior class. This Landmark Homecoming tradition is so much fun, leaves a lasting memory, celebrates each as a carefully crafted vessel of God, and enhances the student experience while promoting bonding and growth within the class. Hours of shopping with their moms for the perfect dress; planning and practicing hairstyles, nails, and make-up; there is much preparation leading up to the night where so much outward beauty shines. But, there is so much more.

Homecoming day begins with a well-appointed off-campus brunch thoughtfully planned by Landmark faculty and staff and held in celebration of the girls, collectively and more purposefully, individually. There is a focus on the senior’s true beauty, which is reflected from within, the beauty of our God. Each girl is specifically spoken of by faculty who know her and each is honored as how God is allowing her light to shine. Tears and laughter are shared. Hearts swell. It is the perfect start to a perfect day.

An afternoon of meticulous preparation ensues following with a gathering for the procession of the court. Here the tradition continues - the pregame photograph of all the girls together. So much beauty, inside and out, gathered together in a rainbow of colored, sparkling dresses. The paparazzi are many.

After finding their seat perched upon a shiny convertible the girls ride in an orchestrated parade to Thorn Stadium where they are met by their handsome, tuxedo-dressed escorts, their fathers/guardians. Surely there is a knot in these gentlemen’s throats. The pride, the joy, the celebration, the knowledge that this is the senior year (where did the time go?), nervous anticipation, and emotions run high. The girls are escorted to the field and introduced individually from the 50 yard-line. All eyes in the stadium, youth to seasoned, are focused, and all ears listen as the girls’ self-determined life verse is read. And finally, “Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Landmark Christian School, Class of XXXX, Homecoming Court.” After two quarters leading to half-time, the queen and her princesses are announced, celebrations continue, and the evening is capped by more pictures and smiles.

And, somewhere on the track, in the stadium, or from home, little girls are watching with awe and dreaming of this day, dressed as beautiful princesses, all eyes upon them as they share their inner and outward beauty at Homecoming at Landmark Christian School. Shine on, girls. Shine on.
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