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Allision Nye, '16 alumna of Landmark Christian School ’19 alumna of Clemson University
I came to my parents in middle school and expressed to them that I was unhappy with the quality of education that I was receiving where I was attending school.  While we toured Landmark in elementary school, at the time it was not something that I wanted to pursue; my wish to stay with my friends superseded the positives that Landmark offered.  However, with a newfound desire to look at other schooling options, my family and I toured Landmark once more.  Throughout the admissions process, the staff made me feel welcomed and loved.  When I did my shadow day, I was struck by how many students came up to greet me.  With lots of prayer and discernment, I started Landmark in ninth grade.  I believe that Landmark was the right place for me at this time in my life.  I received a quality education and was taught to think critically, work hard, and love others. 
My senior year Bible class was formative in my faith journey.  We studied apologetics and I developed a love for trying to understand the answers to life’s many questions.  I am in seminary now, and I have been able to use what I learned in Bible class in my studies.  Just this week I was reading about the ontological argument and I realized that Dr. Wesche explained it much better than my seminary textbook!  Taking this class alongside Mr. Huff’s English class illuminated the Christian life further.  Having two hours a day to ruminate not only on the intellectual side of faith, but also on the truth, beauty, and goodness of God and His creation was something that profoundly shaped my life.

Every morning of my senior year, I was greeted by Dr. Bedosky (as a side note: Dr. Bedosky’s “white lines save lives” mantra repeated in my head every time I crossed the street in college) as I came to get help from Mr. Wilson.  I am sure that Mr. Wilson would have loved to have quiet mornings before school started to prepare for the day, but he was always happy to help me practice and re-explain the previous day’s lesson.  AP Calculus was the hardest class I have ever taken, including all my classes at Clemson University.  However, in this class, I learned more about perseverance than about Calculus.  In the middle of the AP Calculus exam, I got very sick.  While I was upset that I did not finish as strong as I would have liked, the process taught me to value the process of learning over the outcome.

Landmark is a place that values people.  Through the teachers, faculty, and staff, I was able to experience the love of Christ.  Through small class sizes, I was able to not only learn better but also get to know my teachers and my peers better.  My junior and senior year Spanish classes taught by Ms. Dykes were all girls and there were less than ten of us.  My Spanish skills were much higher than my peers in college due to the environment that Landmark provided.  Additionally, that group of us was able to get to know one another well which led to us valuing one another both in and out of the classroom.

Landmark provided numerous opportunities for growth.  It was a great place for me to learn and the quality of education that I received was one of the reasons that college was an easy transition.  Providing your child with education is one of the greatest gifts you can give.  However, different educational environments suit students differently.  While Landmark was a great place for me to be, I encourage you to seek what is best for your child.  Figure out what you value and pursue it.
Go War Eagles!
Allison Nye
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