Meaning-filled Design

Fashion Academy students are inspired to create for others. After finishing a sewing project last week, the 6th-grade students in the academy formed an assembly line to make hair scrunchies that would be added to the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Advisory groups from middle and high school will be packing boxes to be sent around the globe, which is a service project chosen by the Spiritual Life Department. These students successfully sewed more than fifty hair scrunchies!   
Mrs. Shannon McBride, Director of Fashion Academy, said, "Last week, I wanted to get their minds on something that was very engaging and required them to think about others. OCC was at the top-of-mind because my family is personally doing it, and I know Landmark's advisory groups will be participating in putting together the boxes." 

The class began the year as sewing beginners - but are becoming increasingly skilled with sewing fundamentals every day. For this project, “the students independently came up with the idea to make an assembly line for speed and divided out responsibilities all on their own. I was so impressed! The fabrics used came from a donated stash from a friend (thanks, Nikki Johnson!).”

Shannon continues, "I've done Operation Christmas Child over the years from childhood with school and churches, and now I consistently do it yearly with my family. I remember seeing a testimony years ago from a Romanian adult woman who had received an Operation Christmas Child box with hair clips in it. And she cherished those hair clips, and it meant SO much to her. Hair clips! Something we can view as so insignificant and replaceable can mean SO much to someone else. And scrunchies are super cool and very trendy right now. Any girl that age would probably enjoy one. I value now more than ever that when God blesses you with a skill, sharing that skill with others for His glory is so important. The joy I have from doing that in this job leaves me speechless, so I want to make sure the students understand that concept. Serving others is what it's all about." 

All students are invited to participate in packing a box for a child around the world. Click here for more information.   
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