With Love, 4th-Grade is Published

Hard work and patience paid off for Mrs. Love and Mrs. Iverson’s 4th-grade class. The students celebrated their shared accomplishment of becoming published authors with a book-signing party!

In-person and virtual students began the school year studying fairy tales. The students read, discussed narrative structure, then dove into the writing and illustration process.  
Drawing on themes often found in fairy tales: magic, royalty, enchantment - sparked their imaginations. The students were engaged and encouraged one another. Once they had the idea, they were challenged to turn those ideas into words. They discovered that writing and illustrating requires patience and perseverance. The students stuck with their individual work and group project for weeks. They were motivated by the possibility of having their work published and printed and so they kept at it! Even when it was hard and a little boring to some, they continued to forge ahead through hours of revision. 

The books finally arrived! And the celebration was had! The students walked into their classroom on a red carpet and found their books displayed along with small gifts from parent-sponsors.

COVID forced a restricted ‘VIP’ list for the selected reading portion of the book signing. In attendance were Head of School Dr. McMaster, Elementary Principal Mrs. Hopewell, and MARCOM Director Mrs. Dobbs. Dr. McMaster and the guests recognized the students for their perseverance and praised them for their artistic and writing accomplishments. We commend the faculty, Mrs. Love and Mrs. Iverson, for their dedication in helping these students creatively learn to write and illustrate stories, learn about the process of publishing, and become published authors. The book is quite an accomplishment for anyone, but especially for one at such a young age. 

This is Mrs. Love’s second year teaching at Landmark Christian School. The enthusiasm she has for her students is contagious. As an educator, she has worked in Fulton and Clayton counties and at a charter school in Atlanta. Following the party she shared the following: “I have been blown away by Landmark Christian School. So encouraged by the administrative team; the support is incredible! Mrs. Iverson is amazing! Our families - the support I receive from the families. I feel so blessed that God has provided me with the opportunity to come to work here and work with these students every day.”  
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