8 Keys to Keep Stress-Free During Finals

Thanksgiving is behind us and now the Christmas vacation is upon us. ‘Tis the season also for semester finals. Whether high school or middle school, finals can cause a lot of stress and anxiety but there are steps that can be taken to help alleviate stress.   
1. Time Management is key! 
Write out a study schedule and stick by it. Allowing yourself plenty of time, gather all materials and information you will need to study. When should I start studying?? The answer is NOW. Take a little time every day to begin reviewing.   Cramming is not an effective way to study. It just adds to your stress level.  

2. Do not be afraid to ask for help.  
Your teachers are available to help before and after school. They want you to ask questions if there are things you do not understand. They want you to succeed!!! 

3. Practice the 50/10 rule.
Study for 50 minutes and then give yourself a 10-minute break from studying. Walk away from your materials and enjoy a healthy snack, listen to your favorite song, text a friend, stretch, or walk around before studying again.  

4. Your study environment is important.  
Laying in your bed in your PJs is probably not the most productive way to study. Neither is having your social media or phone readily available….it is too tempting to start scrolling or searching.  Your study environment should be similar to the environment you will be taking your final. 

5. Schedule downtime.  
You cannot study for 6-8 straight hours. Eventually, it becomes ineffective and your body cannot take in any more information.   It is important to schedule time to do things you enjoy: go for a walk, exercise, watch an episode of a favorite tv series, connect with a friend.   Remember sometimes less is more!! 

6. Get a good night’s rest.  
Studies show that our brain needs to rest in order for us to be able to use our memory fully and effectively.   A full night’s rest is 8 hours of sleep.  

7. Eat a healthy breakfast.  
Eggs, Greek yogurt, nuts, berries, oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter, whole-grain toast, avocado, and English muffins, are just a few foods shown to be healthy and may have some brain-boosting properties. 

8. Remember that a grade on a test does not define you.  
If you properly prepare and do the best of your ability, that is all you can do.  

Wishing the best to all of the students taking their first semester exams!  

Ms. Shannon Sheffield, Landmark Christian High School Dean of Student Life, can be found in the high school office for anyone looking for study tips or just an opportunity for a breather. Just look for the red office with Dawgs paraphernalia and you will find a couch to sit on and some munchies to help tide you over!
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