How to Make Reading a Part of Every Day

Landmark Christian School Values the Importance of Reading

At Landmark Christian School, we understand the importance of integrating reading into every day. We promote reading as a necessary skill that aids in child development. Reading can increase a child’s confidence, concentration, and communication, on top of so much else. It is our goal to help children be the best, most well-rounded students that God intended them to be – and reading is often at the core of this. Reading, like education, has the power to transform the heart, as well as the mind. It has a significant impact on our Fairburn and Peachtree City, GA students, especially those who are young and impressionable. This impact can often be life-defining, so the value and importance of reading cannot be stressed enough. Read on for tips on how to make reading a part of every day in your child’s life.

Why Is Reading Important in Child Development?

Reading is essential because it aids in a child’s development in numerous ways. Not only can books help ignite a child’s imagination, but they can also stimulate curiosity and even teach a child the difference between what is real and what is make-believe. Through books, children can learn about the world, their culture, and cultures outside their own. Additionally, reading is proven to help develop a child’s brain, ability to focus, and even social skills. Reading helps set students up for success and provides them with an outlet that will facilitate the learning of every subject. These skills will come in handy, whether your child is enrolled in our elementary, middle, high school classes and the academies.

How to Engage in Reading with Your Child

Some parents find promoting reading with their child difficult. This can be especially true when your child doesn’t enjoy reading books, is too busy with sports or other extracurricular activities, or simply would rather look at pictures in magazines. Understandably, finding time to read with your child might also be challenging as a parent due to all the other things on your plate. But there are ways in which you can engage with your child so that reading isn’t a chore for either. Sharing stories doesn't have to entail reading from a book. You can engage your child in the art of reading and storytelling by simply looking at books with them and talking about them together. Through this, your child will learn by watching and listening. This will also benefit you as the parent. The special time spent storytelling together will promote a deep bond and strengthen your relationship with your child. 

Make Reading Time a Priority Each Day

By reading to your child for at least 20 minutes a day, you will stimulate their interest and simultaneously support their development. If you find it helps, you can break up reading time into two intervals – 10 minutes before dinner and 10 minutes after dinner or 10 minutes when you both get home and 10 minutes right before bedtime, for example. Encouraging your child to select a book that they find enjoyable will help to make reading time more fun for you both. If you have more than one child, encourage them to read together. Reading, especially from an early age, helps form new brain pathways, makes reading more fun, and stimulates the imagination.

Five Ways to Encourage Good Reading Habits

There are numerous ways to encourage good reading habits with your children. However, we are confident that the following five will set your child up for success and push them in the right direction:
  1. Create a Designated Reading Space: Making a special reading area for your child to read will encourage them to settle down and spend time with a good book.
  2. Set an Example: When your child sees you exhibiting a love for reading, they’re more likely to develop that same love. Act as a role model for your child by reading in front of them and with them. Setting an example for your child will put them on a good path with good habits
  3. Make Books Accessible: When you keep reading materials in your home, you’re making books accessible for your child, helping them understand that reading can happen outside of school. Reading doesn’t have to be solely academic. Teach your children that it can be fun, too!
  4. Show Support: Discussing books with your child will show them that reading is a family activity and that you’re around to help should they need it. If your child is easily frustrated reading, work with them to address the problem.
  5. Expose Your Child to Various Genres: This will help make reading fun. It’s important to find books that interest your child – and exploring various genres with them can help you do this. Whether your child is interested in fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, comic books, or works of non-fiction, teaching them to appreciate multiple genres can also expand their view of others and appreciating their differences.

Give Your Child the Gift of Reading

Landmark Christian School encourages students to read during school hours and afterward at home. It is essential that students set reading goals, retain the information they read, and can critically think about the reading material and how it applies to day-to-day living. This will significantly enhance their understanding of the world around them while building on the most fundamental skills they will need to succeed. Reading will help your child learn sounds, words, and languages, while developing early literacy skills and building vocabulary, increasing their attention span, promoting stronger analytical thinking, and so much more. These skills will not only benefit them academically but will also set them up for lifelong success. 

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