After the Last Play

Landmark Christian School coaches develop student-athletes into mighty warriors for Christ, on and off the field, long after the whistle blows. 

Athletics is critical to the education of our students. Every day, Landmark coaches and athletes pour their hearts into their sports and into each other. It is on the athletic fields and courts where lessons such as teamwork, overcoming obstacles and adversity, sacrifice, and selflessness are best taught. At Landmark Christian, our priorities in athletics are that our student-athletes grow spiritually from the experience of competing on our teams, that they learn to compete with a relentless spirit, that they develop great fundamentals and techniques, and they learn how to win and lose with class and dignity. At season’s end, wins are celebrated, but there is so much more to recognize after the last play.
Billy Graham says, “A coach will impact more people in one year than an average person will in a lifetime.”
Coach Karen Linder is head swim coach of the Landmark Christian middle school and high school teams and is representative of the godly coaches at Landmark. At the year-end swim banquet, she spoke about each athlete, not about the races they won or lost, but about their winning characteristics. She encouraged them and challenged them in their daily life. Some of the words she used to describe individuals are below.
The Four Pillars
“A supporter; that which sustains or upholds; that on which some superstructure rest.” Galatians 2: 3

Coach Linder also recognized “Four Pillars” of the season. She describes their importance, “These four athletes are the base structure of what we stand for. They have a presence of stability, strength, and a visual of the greatness within. These athletes stand in the gap and rise to meet the needs of the team as a whole. They are honoring and supporting of leadership, and willing to step in when needed. They hold the weight of multiple layers and do it with class, style, integrity, and sturdiness. They do not complain or take away from the success of others, but rather praise, encourage and applaud the efforts and wins of their teammates. These athletes and their families have invested in the Landmark Legacy. They will forever be recognized as individuals who made a difference. They are FOUR PILLARS STRONG!” The Four Pillars for this season are Dylan Prysock, Josh Truong, Addy Williams, and Morgan Williams.

Your Story is in Process
Coach Linder’s final remarks include a challenge to the team. She says, “We all make choices every day. Are your choices making a difference? Our decisions affect others. Are your choices full of success, positivity, solutions, character, fun, sincerity, care, concern, and love for yourself and others?”

Life is complicated and there will be disappointments. Coach Linder asks, “How do we handle failure, loss, pain? What does it look and sound like? How are we defined by our choices? Your story is in process. It’s written every day and continues with multiple chapters. Look around and search for what matters. Look for what has meaning and know why you make the choices you make each day. Decisions are powerful. Make them count. Gratitude is not an option. Be thankful. We never fully understand our purpose, only God holds that power, but we all have a purpose and the potential to get there.” 

Her swimmers responded during the season and to her challenge. Sophomore, Morgan Williams says, “Coach Linder has prepared us all for life because of the lessons she has given. Not only is she coaching us in swim, but she also coaches us in life lessons and how to be prepared to handle everything that comes our way.”

Landmark Christian offers 67 attractive sports programs beginning in kindergarten and multiple sports teams or instruction during the fall, spring, and winter at the elementary, middle school, junior varsity, and varsity levels. Our godly coaches inspire, motivate, and mentor our student-athletes, developing them into better people - leaders of faith, character, and integrity; prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ. To learn more about our coaching staff and athletic program contact Assistant Director of Athletics, Mr. Joshua Corder |
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