FRESH GROWTH at Landmark Christian School

Mrs. Shannon McBride is one of the fresh faces at Landmark this year. It is with open arms & excitement that we welcome her. She is grateful for the joy that comes with the peace of knowing she is where God wants her to be.

There is value in the process and in the result of art, sewing, and design. It is an experience that ends in something tangible. Expression, innovation - there is value in the process. 

Mrs. McBride joined Landmark Christian School as the middle school art teacher and the Fashion Academy Director. 
Right out of college, Mrs. McBride took a job with Amazon to sell fabric online by providing product information and sewing tutorials. After having her son in 2013, she returned to work. And immediately began praying that God would change her path to have a career where her gifts could be used to His glory and somehow impact teenaged kids. 

In 2019, after returning to Amazon from her 3rd maternity leave, she and Amazon "broke up." Despite the uncertainty, she had a deep peace that this all was in God's control. 

Mrs. McBride Shares Her Story
God had my attention before my time at Amazon ended. I met with the Landmark administration to discuss a vision for Fashion Academy. I cried when I left the meeting because I felt like I had won the lottery. I'm actually a little teary now, and it's good to remember that joy. God, operating through Landmark, was creating a job that thoroughly used the skills that HE gave me and put me in a Christian environment where I could talk about Him and be present in teenagers' lives. 

My past as a teenager was a rough one. I grew up in a two-parent Christian home, went to church every week, and attended private and public schools in Marietta, GA. Becoming a teenager, being a teenager, the aftermath of "teenagerdom," was tough. I experienced quite a hardship that I was only brought out of through Jesus. I was transformed through that experience. That battle taught me invaluable lessons about myself, relationships, friends, life, and most importantly - about God. I experienced God's love, acceptance, and grace. 
I know the real need for teenagers to be heard, to process, and to express emotion. I also understand the real danger of what can happen when those needs aren't met. 

Tangible & Intangible Skills 
For me, art, sewing, and design isn't just a skill, it's inspiring and restorative. It's using your skillset to express yourself, get your emotions out, communicate your feelings to others, and then the bonus is having something tangible that you accomplished to show for it. I don't shy away from in-depth life discussions with kids. I welcome them. 

A Passion for Passion
I subcontracted with Passion on a job for the 2020 Conference and it was the project of a lifetime! Sometimes you’re not creating glamorous amazing garments, sometimes just sewing and fabric expertise are needed to create whatever the client needs. In this case, creating five 40-foot pages of fabric to showcase a message including the words “less of me, more of Jesus” to 65,000 people and streamed to 162 countries was WAY more rewarding. Louie Giglio’s message at Passion 2020 is near and dear to my heart since I am “turning the page” for a new path in my career that is an answer to prayer. To teach and influence kids to share light in an industry that desperately needs it. Less of me, more of Jesus. 

I am thrilled to be in a position where I can support and guide students to create. Also, teach them skills to help them express themselves. Art and design take time and practice to learn. In the fast-paced tech age, where TikTok and other platforms give kids a constant stream of information and tools at their fingertips to alter photos and videos within seconds - visual art and design/sewing challenge that. A mistake isn't fixed with an eraser tool on the phone, sometimes it's not even correctable, and you have to then redesign your project to account for your mistake. These are essential processes for kids to be able to work through. In art and sewing but in life, in general - some things take time, some things are hard, sometimes we mess up, sometimes there are consequences from our actions. It's also vital for kids to be able to personally accept their work, from start to finish. It's not going to be perfect the 1st time you try something, and it's not going to be a masterpiece in one hour. Step by step. Respect and learn from the process.

Gen-3 Design 
While collections and style trends come and go, our identity in Christ is steadfast. God has a place for all of us, in all industries in the world. I love referencing Genesis 3 - that God was the first fashion designer! After Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they tried to cover themselves with some sort of leaf mess. After God let them know their consequences, He did his first act of service for mankind after that first sin - he made them garments out of animal skin and clothed them. (Genesis 3:21) Wouldn't that make Adam and Eve the first fashion designers because of the leaf coverings? No. They used leaves for the purpose of hiding; God actually made them functioning clothes. If you've ever made anything with leaves, you know they fade, crumble, and won't last. Likewise, we try to fix things ourselves without God and fall short. God knows what we need and provides.

Mrs. McBride is thankful to be here. And Landmark Christian School is grateful to have her. We believe God put her here, for such a time as now. Seven years of patiently (and sometimes impatiently) waiting and praying for a job where she could share her gifts, be 
intentional with her time, and form relationships with students to be a part of helping them navigate life.
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