Welcome, Mr. Jonathan Britt!

Landmark Christian School is excited to introduce to the community, Mr. Jonathan Britt. Mr. Britt will be the Landmark Instrumental Band teacher in the upcoming school year.  

Rhythm and Voice  
Mr. Britt was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey into a family of musical parents. His mom was a church organist and his dad was a rock guitarist. Growing up with an eclectic mix of sounds, genres, and instruments, he fell in love with music.
Mr. Britt devoted himself to choir at an early age and eventually pursued alto saxophone and percussion. He and his family will be relocating to Newnan over the summer. His wife is originally from Georgia; she received her undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech. They have eight-year-old twin boys, Jeremiah and Josiah.

Mr. Britt attended Westminster Choir College in Princeton to further his passion for choral study. As the only drummer on campus, he was asked to play drum and percussion accompaniment for various musical productions. Through that process, he developed a love for jazz music. While in college, he met a jazz pianist; together they formed a jazz trio that performed all over the New York and Philadelphia metro areas. As a member of the auditioned Westminster Choir, he spent three summers performing at Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, South Carolina.

Path Interrupted
After college, Mr. Britt was traveling the path towards becoming a professional jazz percussionist. God had other plans that exceeded his expectations. While on a run through downtown Princeton, he received a call from a friend. The friend knew Mr. Britt well and asked him to consider, instead, something else. 

Niche Creation
A local private Christian school was looking to build an instrumental music program. Mr. Britt shares, "the idea of creating something new inside of something old really appealed to me. I was intrigued by the idea of creating an environment that would nurture and foster the awakening of talent and a love of music in students. Any time you're building something, you start with the foundation, with the base. For something to stand with integrity, there must be a solid beginning," he shares. For guidance, he turns to the Bible. The starting point for understanding creativity is in Genesis: in the beginning, God created. Creativity supplies the first verb of the Bible--a model of how we ought to embrace the value and extraordinary gift God has given us in creativity. 

Mr. Britt is looking forward to connecting with students. He believes that chorus and band are essential places for middle schoolers to be awakened to a reality God has for us as creators. "We are all musicians, as we are all made in God's image - God reveals this in his nature, as the Great Creator." He continues, "Music is deep within not just some of us, but all of us. It reveals itself individually and with distinction." As an educator, he has the opportunity to see God's creative work in the lives of students, every day. As much as he enjoys music, he is primarily focused on awakening students' awareness of who God created them to be. "I am mostly interested in working with lives. Music is the vehicle."

Mr. Britt obtained his master’s degree in music education from Boston University and also spent twelve years at an all-boys school in Princeton where he designed and implemented a general and vocal music curriculum. In addition, he co-taught the concert and jazz bands, directed the handchime ensembles, founded the annual winter musical and student recital series, and coached the cross country team. As a working musician, Jonathan has been an active member in two professional chamber choirs and also regularly freelanced as a percussionist and vocalist in the Philly/NYC metro area. He and his wife served in various pastoral roles involving youth and creative arts.

Mr. Josh Brown, the current Landmark Christian School band director, well-beloved by all, will be leaving at the end of this school year out of a desire to pursue his own family's best interest. He and his wife are expecting their first child and moving closer to family. When Mr. Britt visited the Landmark campus before Spring Break, he admired the instrumental band foundation laid down by Mr. Brown and picked up by students. He was inspired by the students, faculty, and staff - particularly the work of Mr. Johnson and the interdisciplinary nature of the Arts Department at Landmark. 

We are excited about the new addition to the Landmark faculty through the hiring of Mr. Jonathan Britt and the expertise and enthusiasm he will bring to the campus. 
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