Secret Agent Dingledorf

Secret Agent Dingledorf

Mr. Billy Dickson, ASC, head of the Landmark Christian School Film Academy, is proud to present his latest feature film, Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat. Mr. Dickson directed and produced the film from a book by Christian novelist and children’s author, Mr. Bill Myers. The movie is expected in theaters in Newnan the first of July.
In Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat, young Bernie Dingledorf, his dog, and two best friends must put their faith in his father’s words, "God doesn’t make junk." Using quirky inventions from a spy backpack, they are the only ones who can save the world by facing bullies, thwarting circus clowns, and destroying Dr. Chuckles’ evil laugh generator. Based on the children’s book series, Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat is a funny, inspirational movie full of family-friendly values.

One of Mr. Dickson’s high school classes at Landmark Christian helped in the filming of a special visual FX scene for the film. Landmark students James McMillian, Andy Bonner, Raegan Churi, Cody Colston, Tim Adair, Joey Cook, Killian McCabe, and Evans Thorne received credits in the movie and Landmark Christian graphic arts teacher, Mrs. Courtney Stanford, for creating selected artwork in the film.

Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat will have its theatrical debut in selected theaters across the United States on July 2. Newnan was an obvious choice for one theatrical location because of the proximity to Landmark Christian School. We hope families will head to theaters and support the film and these types of children’s films. Entertaining family Christian films are needed today more than ever. Our mission at the Landmark Christian School Film Academy is to prepare our students for the film industry while helping them set their compass by telling stories that are honest and true to the heart.  

Mr. Dickson is a film industry veteran and came to Landmark Christian in 2019 to teach while still working in the industry as a Director/Producer/Director of Photography. Some of his credits include the “Christian Film of the Year 2016”- BELIEVE, and hundreds of hours of television directing and filming shows like Ally McBeal, One Tree Hill, Knight Rider, Halloween 6, Hidden Hills, and Deadly Games. 

His goal is to teach students the skills needed to prep them to work in the ever-growing film community here in Atlanta and Los Angeles. The ability for Mr. Dickson to remain in the industry and simultaneously teach at Landmark Christian allows students potential opportunities to work and be mentored on upcoming productions. 

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