Middle School Exploratories, with Mr. Baffour Osei and Anaya Yates (‘26)  

Intro to Robotics & Coding

Anaya Yates is a 7th grader at Landmark Christian Academy. She represents all four pillars of Landmark excellence: she excels in art, academics, athletics, and spiritual life. Inquisitive, hard-working, bright, and humble, Anaya knows how hard it is to choose amongst a wide array of electives. She says, "There are so many things I want to try!" Anaya began her 7th-grade year with Mr. Baffour Osei in Intro to Robotics and Coding. The second semester, she is trying her hand at sewing in Fashion Academy. She is having fun and excelling in both. 
Elective Choice  
Middle school is a time of discovery, choices, and selection. A wealth of elective and academy offerings open up a world of possibilities. Landmark Christian School aims to be a place of solid ground where every student is provided with opportunities to discover and develop their unique gifts and talents. Awakening and cultivating innate, individual, God-given talent ensures that students, upon graduation, are prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ. 

Risk and Reward 

The abundance of course offerings and electives is especially difficult for students with a passion for learning. Anaya Yates ('26), a 7th grader at Landmark Christian School, has a warm and generous spirit, an open mind, and a bold spirit that pushes her towards a desire to try them all. Anaya began this school year in Robotics with Mr. Baffour Osei. Anaya, along with partner Shari Brown ('25) worked through final details on fine-tuning the programming of their cup-stacking robot. Despite the last-minute pressure and time crunch, Anaya, Shari, and Trey still were willing to share the process of conceptualizing, building, and programming their robots for the task at hand. 

Invention and Innovation 
As a seventh-grader new to STEM, Anaya stepped into 3D Printing, Coding, and Robotics. Mr. Osei has a way of removing the barrier of intimidation that would make most students afraid to try something new and radically complex. He teaches in a way that makes sense and creates a space for kids to apply what they are learning. Failure is where we have the most potential to learn. 

Critical Application
The essential question of the assignment was “How can we make a sturdy robot that can pick up the cup and hold it for longer than 5 seconds?” Students were encouraged to differentiate and be innovative in their building design. Using Lego Mindstorm kits, battery packs, servo, and sensors, students designed a robot that could pick up and stack cups.  

When asked what she learned during this project, Anaya responded, "I learned that things aren't always how they are presented to you; you have to take what is given and interpret it into many different ways and find the ones that work.“

Anaya liked this project because it challenged her. It helped her work on being a supportive team player and developing her problem-solving skills.

When asked what teachers have had the most significant influence in her life, Anaya shares, "Mr. B, but first Mrs. (Michelle) Maull, she was and still is my favorite science teacher growing up; she is the reason I'm even interested in science and stem. My fifth-grade teachers Mrs. (Olivia) Douglas and Mrs. (Cheryl) Martin-- I want to give a lot of credit for my bubbly personality and new ways to see school life. They were always so happy and welcoming with open arms! Lastly, Mrs. (Kenzi) Adams, who was my sixth-grade Bible teacher, and was always so fun. She has the brightest smile and is always welcoming. But she is also very special because you can always go to her for advice. She always knows what to say; she gives me ideas and inspires me to be a better person and light up the world every day."

See Anaya and classmates, Shari Brown and Trey Maull - at work - HERE
    • Middle School Exploratories, with Mr. Baffour Osei and Anaya Yates (‘26)  

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