The Sky's the Limit - A V I A T I O N

On March 12 and 13, twelve Landmark Aviation Academy students took to the skies to discover for themselves the experience of piloting an airplane.  


Coordinated by Dr. Jim Lee, Landmark Aviation students experienced classroom knowledge practically applied and tested during their personal Discovery Flights at Falcon Field through FLYT Aviation. A discovery flight is a simple and economical way to put a student in the cockpit and let them experience a real airplane outside the classroom. What the students took away from the experience is that hard work and devotion to the subject of aviation pay off. 

Alison Guerard, mother of Turner (‘24) shares, “It was incredible to see my daughter, walk out of the classroom and into the cockpit of a single-engine Cessna airplane, and fly into the sky!” 

Turner, along with fellow Aviation 1 students: Reese White, Micah Rogers and Phoebe Lichty, each took their turn, spread out over two days, sitting down behind the controls of a Cessna single-engine airplane and felt “at home.” Students came to the cockpit having studied the physics of flight: Dr. Lee’s course offers a practical study of lift, thrust, gravity, and drag, and how those elements influence the movements of every aircraft in the sky. After their experience in class on flight simulators, they felt they knew just what to do.

Altitude Adjustment
When asked about her experience of the day, Mrs. Kylie White, mother of Reese (‘24) shares, “Oh my goodness! It was so amazing. I was so impressed by how much my daughter was able to do, including a 45-degree turn and recovering from an engine stall. She had the controls probably 90% of the flight.” 

Mrs. White continues, “ I think everything Reese learned in the classroom came to light. She had done so many flights on the simulator she said flying a real plane was easier than the simulator! She is ready to pursue a career in Aviation now! It was a great way to put into practice all they’ve learned. She’s normally very cautious - but she knew all the levers and buttons and dials! She was ready. There was an instructor next to her, prepared to take over, if needed. But she had it. It was incredibly empowering for her. And I had a blast! My 14-year-old daughter took me flying!” 

Micah Rogers, ‘24, was one of the students that participated in the Discovery Flight experience.  He toured Landmark Christian School with his parents on Tuesday, January 26,  \2020. That was the day Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven other people were killed in a helicopter crash. Micah shares, “I noticed Dr. Lee watching information about the flight. That made me want to go over to him. We talked about it in a way that was helpful in understanding what happened, that it was caused by pilot error, which means it could have been prevented. I decided on that day I wanted to become a pilot - to help prevent things like this from happening.” 

On the day of Micah’s flight, he shared controls with the instructor. He experienced take-off and landing: “When you’re doing “slow” flight, you can feel the wind; it is less-powered, like gliding; it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It was scary and exhilarating. I can’t wait to do it again! 

As a freshman, Micah, like some of his other classmates, was able to also land the plane. He deployed the flaps, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees--into the touchdown zone. Mr. Rogers was able to ride in the back of the plane his son was piloting during Discovery. He was blown away, at the end of the flight, near tears, he said, “Okay son, let’s do this!”

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