Return on Investment of Private School Education

Could investing in a private school yield a better financial return for parents in the future? That depends on which private school you choose.

In weighing the potential pros and cons of private education, typically, one of the biggest "cons" parents ask themselves is: Can we justify the cost of private school tuition when public school is free, and there are several quality public school options from which to choose. With the rising price of college, it seems prudent to take advantage of what is free now to save money for later.
Take, for instance, the recent success of five public high schools within one of GA’s “top five” high-performing school districts. For brevity’s sake, we’ll refer to them as T5. With a high school graduation rate of 83%, roughly 1800 students made up the T5 graduating class of 2021. Combined, these students earned $12,986,602 in scholarship money, not including the HOPE Scholarship.

From The Citizen
According to an article published by The on June 3, 2021: students in attendance at High School #1 earned the most scholarship money at $5,152,908, followed by High School #2 ($2,831,692), High School #3 ($2,445,366), High School #$4 ($1,463,631), and High School #5 ($1,093,005). 

Landmark Christian School extends our congratulations and encouragement for continued success for these graduates. Further, we are grateful for the publication of these numbers as an opportunity to evaluate Landmark comparatively. 

Consider This 
There are many reasons parents consider a private school education for their children:
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Expert-level teachers and coaches passionate about their subjects and areas of specialty
  • Faculty and staff that are unencumbered by heavy bureaucratic burdens
  • Partnerships with parents to expand a child's community of support
  • Continuing creation of dynamic and innovative learning environments
  • Relational learning seeking to uncover each child's passions 
  • Intentionality in developing God-given talents to ensure each child reaches their full potential

Math Matters
Typically, the value of a private school is considered an investment in a child's personal development. Thus, the unexamined assumption is that there is no financial gain to investing in a child's K-12 education. But running the numbers brings a fresh perspective to the private school versus public school decision.

The T5 high schools graduated 1800 seniors and received $12.9 in scholarships, not including HOPE. This averages out to $7,215 per student.  

Landmark Christian School is committed to investing in personalized learning which results in smaller class sizes. The graduating class of 2021 was composed of 83 students - all prepared to impact the world for Christ. These 83 students received $13,647,989 in scholarships, excluding Hope and Zell Miller Scholarships resulting in an average of $165,434 per student compared to T5’'s $7,215. As Christians, we are called to be good stewards of our finances.  

$165,434.00 vs. $7,215.00
Math matters. Dr. Jason Mcmaster, Landmark Head of School since 2018, attributes this extraordinary achievement and long history of graduate success to several things. Among these include some very high academic achievers, above-average achievers made distinctive in the admission process from the academies, an outstanding college counseling team, and a community of teachers that valiantly give all they have to fulfill the shared mission of Landmark Christian School. Together, we intentionally seek out the gifts in each child and help develop those talents to ensure every student reaches their full potential and is prepared to impact the world for Christ. Nowhere is the commitment to personalized education at Landmark more evident than in the College Counseling office. Each student is partnered with a counselor-advisor beginning in 8th grade. These counselors are committed to building a relationship, championing each student's gifts and talents, and doggedly pursuing scholarship opportunities. Because forging the right relationship between student and college benefits us all - in our pursuit of impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

Carefully Consider 
To parents who are still in the process of weighing the cost and benefits of private school education for their children, we encourage you to continue to consider and weigh the options for your family prayerfully. And to ask yourself, how can we best invest our resources to ensure personal and professional success, fulfillment, and happiness for our children and be good stewards of finance. Finally, as you evaluate, we encourage you to remember that few private schools yield the same return on financial investment.  

For more information about Landmark Christian School, the history of our graduate success, innovative programs, and more reasons why Landmark is ranked in the top five of the state of Georgia, visit

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