Learning 4Life

This month, elementary students on the Fairburn and Peachtree City campuses embark on outdoor learning adventures, led by our SOAR program coordinator, Mrs. Ann Marie Brezina. These mini-lessons are a newly incorporated special into the grade levels called the “4Life Nature School.” 

In the first lesson, students learned about seeds, insects, and pollinators--God’s connected creation!
Getting their hands dirty as they planted carrots and broccoli, the students used egg cartons and peat soil, learning about the seed germination process. Using the egg cartons to house the newly planted seeds, Mrs. Brezina took the opportunity to inform about the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle, illustrating that by observing closely and being resourceful with what we have, we can extend the use of what we own.


Students played an opening activity where they learned about the “web of Life,” and the role spiders play in the ecosystem, reinforcing that all nature is created by God and has a purpose for its existence. 

Before the students planted their seeds, they learned about and observed pollinators up close, learning the importance of pollinators in the survival of the human race.

4Life Nature School is an extension of the SOAR programming at Landmark, a longtime value of the school towards Stewardship, Outdoor Adventure Education, and Relationship as part of our driving values of forming leaders. Experiential learning and the outdoor environment help develop our students’ comfort in nature and sharpen their observation and appreciation of creation. We can’t wait to see the further adventures of 4Life Nature School throughout the year!
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