When to Begin the Admissions Process

How to Attend a Private School in Atlanta, GA
Many parents and students ask us about the admission process for getting accepted into Landmark Christian School in Atlanta, GA. Planning ahead is key when it comes to private school admission. Students in Fulton County and Peachtree City can benefit from knowing more about admission and the process. There are many advantages to attending a private school like Landmark Christian School. We invite you to learn more about when to begin the admissions process and some tips for doing so. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.
The Benefits of Attending a Private Christian School
There are multiple reasons for a family to apply to send their child to a private Christian school. Many public schools do not meet your academic standards and cannot provide the proper level of educational support. Private Christian schools offer smaller class sizes and better overall education. Public schools accept any students within their districts, whereas private schools require an application and admissions process. There are many benefits of attending a private Christian school, including:
  • Academics – Private Christian schools offer small class sizes from teachers who are caring and highly educated. Studies have found that students attending religious schools scored at an academic level about one year ahead of their peers. Private schools often have higher expectations that result in better academic success.
  • Values – Christian schools not only focus on education but also incorporate morals and values. Students are encouraged to grow their relationship with Jesus Christ, and education is backed by Biblical foundations. The staff at private Christian schools are focused on developing character in students, and morals are incorporated into education. Every teacher models Christian principles, and the curriculum is aligned with Christian values. Bible-based education allows students to learn while better understanding God’s word.
  • Attention – Small class sizes mean more personalized attention from teachers. Students won’t be lost and aren’t just a number like they can be at public schools. Every child is treasured, and the staff focuses on developing their unique gifts and talents. 
Tips for Getting into a Private Christian School
Getting started early is crucial when it comes to the private Christian school admissions process. Check out the following tips to ensure your success:
  • Get Started Early – Landmark Christian School allows rolling admissions and early acceptance. Waiting too long may allow classes to fill, resulting in a wait-list decision. 
  • Prepare for Standardized Testing – Many private schools use standardized test scores to evaluate applications. Common tests include the ISEE and the SSAT. Ensure your child is comfortable with standardized testing.
  • Ask for Letters of Recommendation – Most private schools ask for letters of recommendation. Giving your child’s teachers plenty of notice will help the process go smoothly. You can also consider asking a sports coach, art or music teacher, or board member for a letter of support.
  • Prep for the Personal Interview – A personal interview occurs at almost any grade level while applying for a private school. Spend some time doing practice interviews and help your child feel comfortable talking about themselves.
  • Attend an Open House & Tour – Find out when is the best time to attend an open house and tour. You and your child can meet the staff at the school and tour the facilities. You can ask any questions you might have at this time as well.
  • Practice Writing Strong Essays – Written essays are a critical aspect of the private school admissions process. Help your child, but allow them to write most of the essay on their own. Prepare them on how to approach their essay.
  • Don’t Miss Deadlines – There can be many deadlines in the private Christian school admission process. Be sure to keep track of them, so you don’t miss any. An admissions counselor can help you stay on track.
Begin the Admissions Process Today
If you’re interested in a better education for your child, you can begin the admissions process for Landmark Christian School in Atlanta, GA. Contact us if you have any questions or get started on the admission application today.
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