Affording Private School in Atlanta, GA

Paying for a Christian Education in Atlanta, GA
Every parent wants to give their children the best education possible, but sometimes the cost of private school is the biggest obstacle. Landmark Christian School cares about our students and their families and wants to help by providing some strategies related to affording private school fees for our schools in Atlanta, Fairburn, and Peachtree City, GA. We don’t want private school costs to be the reason your children enroll at a public school in Georgia. We often receive the question, “how much does private school cost” from families interested in private Christian education. Check out these tips and get in touch with us if you have any questions.
Applying for Private Scholarships
Landmark Christian School does not offer scholarships for admissions. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify financially.

Applying for State Voucher Programs - GOAL Scholarship
While there are no federally funded school voucher programs, several states, including Georgia, have programs to provide funds for low-income or special needs families. Georgia offers a tax credit scholarship - the GOAL Scholarship. At Landmark, students apply for the GOAL Scholarship through the Landmark financial aid process.  Students with disabilities can go through the Special Needs Scholarship Program. The Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit allows individuals or corporations the ability to earn a tax credit for making donations to student scholarship organizations.

Getting Family Assistance
Many parents of children attending a private Christian school get assistance from loved ones, including parents, grandparents, or other close-knit family members. Sometimes grandparents shower their grandchildren with toys and gifts but never really consider more lasting gifts such as assisting with their education expenses. Anything helps, whether a family member is able to make a one-time contribution or an ongoing gift each birthday. It may be difficult to ask for assistance, but bringing up the costs and the value of the education can help you ease into the conversation.

Planning in Advance
Just like the private school admissions process, planning ahead is crucial when it comes to affording your child’s education. Start saving for your children’s education as early as possible. Apply for private scholarships, the GOAL scholarship, and school financial aid when applying for enrollment. Take advantage of investments, including a 529 College Savings Plan or gifts from grandparents assisting with the family’s private education.

Start Preparing for the Cost of Landmark Christian School
Landmark Christian School wants all families to be able to afford our private Christian school. We offer an alumni discount, GOAL scholarships, multi-student family discount, and need-based aid for those who qualify.  Fill out our financial aid application today so your children can have the education they deserve.
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