Benefits of Small Class Sizes and Low Teacher to Student Ratio

Take Advantage of Small Class Sizes at Landmark Christian School
Every parent wants their children to receive individualized attention from teachers and not get lost in large classes and be treated as a number. Landmark Christian School offers small class sizes at our private Christian schools in the Atlanta area - Fairburn, and Peachtree City, GA. If teacher attention is high on your list of priorities for your student, class size matters. Small class sizes result in more attention for each student and higher levels of teacher engagement. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or are ready to enroll your children.
12 Benefits of Small Class Sizes
You’ve likely heard an uproar about large class sizes at public schools, but why is that a bad thing? Smaller class sizes benefit students in many ways, including:
  • Every Student Is Known – In large classrooms, some children will end up not getting the attention they deserve. In a smaller class, each student is known and receives the attention they need from their teachers. All students are encouraged to express their opinion and take part in class discussions.
  • Better Academic Results – Studies have found that high school students get better grades and perform better on entrance exams for universities when they have smaller class sizes.
  • Enhanced Learning – Students learn more in small classes, and they also learn faster. Students in smaller classes have more confidence. They ask and answer questions and share opinions. This process helps their peers as well, as everyone gets a better grasp on the material being learned.
  • Teachers Can Actually Teach – In large classrooms, teachers often get distracted with other duties than actually teaching students. With a small class, teachers can teach, as well as observing and assessing their class to focus on what’s important.
  • Classes Are Communities – Students in smaller class sizes are able to connect more closely with their fellow students. Students become more comfortable and confident and can freely share their perspectives and ideas. They’ll also develop lasting friendships.
  • More Opportunities to Participate – Students tend to get lost in large class sizes, and often only the loud students are heard. With small classes, there are fewer voices, and each has the opportunity to speak and participate in class discussions.
  • The Focus Is on Learning – Teachers have the opportunity to teach their students in small classrooms, unlike in larger classrooms where they have to work on regaining attention from easily distracted children. With a small class, teachers can cater to various learning styles and ensure each student is staying engaged and understanding the material.
  • Teachers & Students Work Together – Small class sizes mean one-on-one attention. Teachers can customize their instruction and guidance, and every student matters.
  • More Feedback – In a smaller class, teachers can individualize their feedback to make sure every student understands the material and gets any help he or she needs.
  • Ideas Are Exchanged – A smaller number of students allows kids to express their views and opinions easier. Even students who are less vocal can share with the class easier in smaller settings.
  • Fewer Disruptions – Even the best teachers are going to deal with disruptions if they have class sizes of 35 or more. With large class sizes, there’s will more distractions, and more noise. Discipline takes time away from learning, and smaller classrooms have fewer disruptions.
  • Quieter Classrooms – Large classrooms are noisier, even if every student is behaving. If your student has attention issues, they can easily be distracted. Smaller class sizes are quieter and more comfortable for all students.
Small Class Sizes at Landmark Christian School
Landmark Christian School has small class sizes in all grades of our school, PK3-12. And, in every elementary classroom, there is also a paraprofessional, allowing each child even more individualized attention. Now that you know the benefits of small class sizes, it’s time to apply to Landmark Christian School. With campuses in the Atlanta area - Fairburn, and Peachtree City, GA, your students will benefit from everything we have to offer. Contact us today to learn more or get assistance with the application process.
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