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  • Seiler Rivers, Landmark Christian School, Class of 2020, Wins Prestigious AJC Cup

    Atlanta Journal Constitution
    The AJC Cup began in 1927 and is one of the oldest news organization award programs in the country so it comes with a great history and heritage. This prestigious award honors very special high school graduates. Congratulations to Seiler Rivers, Landmark Christian School. Seiler is a true, modern-day Renaissance woman. She is a pilot, a pianist, a scholar, and the list of accomplishments go on and on. She plans to attend Mercer University and double major in Mathematics and Music.
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  • Landmark Tabs PTC Native and Former Truett-McConnell University Star To Lead Boys Basketball Program

    Landmark Christian School is excited to announce the hiring of Brandon Cerezola as the new head coach of the varsity boys basketball team. Coach Cerezola comes to Landmark Christian with an impressive background of success.
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  • Landmark Christian School Alum, Lily Kessler, Helps the Community Against COVID-19

    Landmark Christian Alum Lily Kessler, Class of 2014, was part of LSU's first recruiting class for their beach volleyball team. Lily was a great team player, but always had a heart for medicine. She currently serves as an ER nurse at a local hospital and is working hard to keep the community safe against COVID-19.
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  • Top Ten Read Alouds to Share with My Kids before They Leave Childhood

    Amy Harriton, Associate Head of School, Landmark Christian School
    My friend reached out recently and said she was creating a “Top 100” list of books for her kids to read; she asked me to choose my top ten that I would put in this list. I had way too difficult a time just creating a list of ten top books, so I narrowed the topic to the top ten books I’d want them to read before leaving childhood.
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  • Landmark Christian School Alum Receives Prestigious Law Award

    Eric Burdette, Landmark Christian School Class of 2010, recently received the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award for Outstanding Ability in Trial Advocacy from Emory Law, an award to a graduating Emory Law student demonstrating outstanding trial advocacy. Eric Burdette graduated Landmark in 2010, Harvard in 2014, and Emory Law in 2020.
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  • 4 Must-Sees on A Guided Tour of Remembering God with Your Children

    Kelli Penn, Director of Community and Culture, Landmark Christian School
    A few days ago Landmark Christian Elementary Counselor and Christian Life team member, Mrs. Tammy McCurry, and I were discussing the question, “What should Christian families do during this time of crisis?” One of the things we discussed at length was the need for parents to remember with their children. Did you know the word, remember, is mentioned over 150 times in Scripture?
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  • 12 Distance Learning Tips for Families with Middle Schoolers, Teens and Pre-Teens

    By Amy Harriton, Associate Head of School, Landmark Christian School
    Before the quarantine, our middle and early high school students’ days were structured by the start time of the school day on campus, the physical navigation from class to class, and the physical activity of sports practice or PE. Family dinner capped off the day and time with friends was necessarily allocated to school lunch and after class. Now, students must practice self-pacing, self-directed learning, prioritizing their activities, and scheduling their social life. The following 12 tips will help students create a daily routine that helps him or her thrive during this challenging time of quarantine.
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  • Landmark Christian School First-Grader Wins Myles Gaskin Reading Game Contest

    Landmark Christian School first-grader Richard Sylvia entered the Myles Gaskin Reading Game contest that required kids ages 6-13 to submit a video about a book that they read. Myles Gaskin is a running back for the Miami Dolphins. The prize was a signed jersey and Richard won!
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  • Landmark Christian School Student Receives Shuler Award Nomination

    Congratulations to Landmark Christian senior, Owen Connolly for his Shuler nomination as Best Lead Actor for the portrayal of Edward Bloom in the Big Fish spring musical. The Shuler Award recognizes excellence in Georgia high school theater.
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  • 5 Ways to Help Develop a Routine, 6 Resources for Helping Parents Deal with this Pandemic and 7 Ways to Stay Social through a Time of Social Distancing

    Shannon Sheffield, Christian Life Team, Landmark Christian School
    We are experiencing unprecedented times and are all facing a “new normal.” To help navigate these uncharted waters, we are providing encouragement and resources for elementary school, middle school, and high school parents to help at home, as well as providing fun ideas for time together as a family. Please know that we are praying for your family and we are here to assist you.
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  • 5 Ways Schools Can Prepare Students For the World Beyond High School

    Dr. Daniel Wesche, Associate Head of School, Landmark Christian School
    It may seem obvious, but the point of school isn’t school. The point of school is to prepare students for what comes next. Accordingly, schools all over the world, the good ones at least, are continually asking themselves the question, “How do we better prepare students for what comes next?”
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  • The Lord's Rocking Chair

    Kensi Adams, Middle School Discipleship Teacher, Landmark Christian School
    When you feel like the darkness is pressing in, like the heartache is too much to bear, like the pain will never end - remember that the Lord is sitting in the rocking chair of your life. Sometimes we forget that God does not promise us an easy life, but He promises that He will be right there with us through all of the mess this life can bring. 
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  • Landmark Christian School Alum Standout Runner To Compete At Olympic Trials

    Durand Rice, Sports Information, Landmark Christian School
    Lindy Long Jones (Landmark Christian Class of 2013) has qualified to compete in the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials on February 29, 2020, in Atlanta, GA. Jones ran her Olympic qualifying time this past fall at the Chicago Marathon. She will certainly have the love and support of the Landmark Christian community and her home state rooting for her during the 26.2-mile journey through many of the most historic sites in the metro Atlanta area.
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  • Why We Read Great Books

    Amy Harriton, Associate Head of School, Landmark Christian School
    We have the responsibility in our elementary, middle, and high schools to introduce our students to nutrient-dense literature in our curriculum. Among the most valuable aspects of a good education include the nourishment of the literature we are feeding our students. No matter their reading level, a beneficial, nourishing history of global, enduring stories waits to be served to our students.
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  • Landmark Christian School Legend, Coach Bill Thorn, Honored As National Boys Outdoor Track & Field Coach of the Year

    The National Federation of State High School Association recognizes Landmark Christian School legend, Coach Bill Thorn as National Boys Outdoor Track & Field Coach of the Year. At the age of 89, Coach Thorn retired from Landmark Christian School spring 2019.
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  • Longing for Eden Again

    Matthew Huff, High School English Teacher, Landmark Christian School
    God gave us Eden; we built Babel. Our daily struggles, our joys, our griefs, our pains, our pleasures are all viewed through the cracked lenses of our exiled state. We are wanderers, you and I, longing for our home.
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  • Music Industry Leaders Visit Landmark Christian Music Academy

    The Landmark Music Academy premiers an exciting relationship between Landmark Christian and music industry leaders, combining the ultimate platform of a professional network with a rich, relevant and rewarding education. Recently, Lisa Harriton and Joshua Bartholomew visited our students and presented a master class on songwriting and music production. Both are well-accomplished in the industry.
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  • Executive Dysfunction: 5 Organizational Tips

    Nicole Daniel, Director of the Middle School Learning Center, Landmark Christian School
    What is executive functioning? It is a set of mental skills coordinated in the brain's frontal lobe. Executive functions work together to help us achieve goals. We use executive functioning when we plan, organize, strategize, pay attention, and remember details. Here are five steps for better planning and organizing.
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  • Make-A-Wish Grants Wish to Landmark Christian School Student

    Wishes do come true. In 2018, on the day after kindergarten orientation at Landmark Christian School when other children were eagerly anticipating their first days of school, Cameron Ward, only five and a half years old, was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. Cameron, now cancer-free and a vibrant first-grader, was recently granted his wish by Make-A-Wish.  
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  • The Communication of Truth

    Dr. Fitzroy Willis, Physical Science Teacher and Author, Landmark Christian School
    As a teacher, the communication of truth is important to me, but this is true for everyone regardless of our various contexts, isn’t it? Indeed, for a variety of reasons, we should all be concerned with the question, how can we more effectively communicate truths to all? 
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