Beginning in middle school, students have an opportunity to begin exploring a wide range of electives that lead to the high school Academy Scholars Program. During high school, students can enter an academy sequence directly in 9th grade, or they can begin later in their high school career. This gives students the advantage of trying multiple paths or even discovering their passion later in their high school journey. The academy sequence is intended to prepare students for greater depth of study upon embarking on a capstone study their senior year through the Academy Scholars Program. 


Frequently Asked Questions

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is an academy pathway?

    An academy pathway is a specific sequence of high school courses in a focused area that culminates in the application of real-world critical skills in a mentored capstone environment.
  • Q. How does an academy pathway differ from an elective or a club?

    An elective is a stand-alone, self-contained course, while an academy pathway is, by nature, a structured sequence of courses targeting the development of not only content domain knowledge, but relevant critical skill sets and the application thereof in a mentored capstone environment. A club is a looser, voluntary, extra-curricular activity.
  • Q. Why does Landmark offer the Academy Scholars Program?

    • High scores and service hours are no longer the only differentiators in a competitive collegiate environment.
    • Colleges are looking for students who have these things, but who also have significant depth through real-world experience and critical skill sets.
    • Real-world experience and critical skill sets are better preparation for long term success both in college and in future careers.
    • The various industries, professions, and markets into which our students will embark are highly innovative, prone to technological disruption, and full of opportunity on a global scale. An environment of this sort necessitates flexible thinkers rather than regurgitators. Hence, students could benefit from a different approach to education.
    • This approach brings not merely a "just in case" coverage of content, rather it teaches students how to become learners, giving them the tools, flexibility, and agency to solve problems in a rapidly changing landscape.
  • Q. What is the connection between the Academy Scholars Program and Landmark's mission?

    These opportunities allow students to discover and develop areas of interest and talent, empowering them to steward these aspects of their lives towards kingdom impact.
  • Q. What makes the Academy Scholars Program distinct from magnet programs at other schools?

    While many schools narrowly focus on one specialization, the Academy Scholars Program offers additional aspects of rich depth of study, collegiate level research, and a broad range of interdisciplinary skills.
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